Dirty Honey: 'New-fashioned rock n' roll'

In 2019, Los Angeles-based rock band Dirty Honey planted their flag in rock n’ roll soil by releasing a song that went to number one on the ‘Billboard’ Mainstream Rock chart without any support from a record label. 

Now, they will be planting their flag in Savannah with their performance at District Live on Thurs., Sept. 30.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Dirty Honey’s sound is exactly what the name suggests: a sweet-as-honey blues-rock vibe with dirty, gritty undertones. 

Think Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and a little Guns N’ Roses for extra flavor. 

Describing their sound as “new-fashioned rock n’ roll,” guitarist John Notto said the band’s sound was derived from a shared love of classic rock n’ roll from the “vinyl primetime era.” 

“We have a focus on creating a unique, familiar sound that is gritty, soulful, and sexy, but also fresh and new,” said Notto. “We try to be like the imaginary baby of all the big bands you can think of - AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, the Black Crowes…but with our own unique personal twist.” 

To make themselves stand out from their legendary predecessors, Dirty Honey makes it their mission to incorporate all of their musical influences into their songs. As Notto points out, it’s the “ingredients of the band” which help them put a personal stamp on their music. 

“We all love 70s and 80s classic rock, but we all have individual musical tastes ranging from pop music, funk, to jazz,” he said. “We’ve really come to celebrate our musical similarities and differences because it’s given us a uniqueness I think the rock community has been looking for, that new-fashioned rock n’ roll.”

In addition to writing and producing chart topping singles, Dirty Honey has opened for The Who, Guns ’N Roses, Slash and Alter Bridge and was the “do-not-miss-band” at major rock festivals such as Welcome to Rockville, Rocklahoma Louder Than Life, Heavy MTL, and Epicenter.  

The band’s first U.S. headline tour took place in Jan. and Feb. of 2020 and they are currently finishing up their tour with the Black Crowes before making a solo stop in Savannah. 

When asked if the band has any pre-show rituals, Notto said he likes to take a shot of tequila with his bandmate before heading on stage. 

“Our lead singer Mark and I take a tequila shot before we step on stage. But only one, we don’t get too crazy, just enough to get our juices flowing!” he said laughing. “We came here to have a good time. So that’s what we’re going to do Savannah: have a really good time!”

Dirty Honey’s performance will start at 7 p.m. and tickets are $25 plus fees. For more information or to purchase tickets visit ticketmaster.com