Try a "Plethora of Piñatas" at Bull St. Taco


Plethora of Piñatas 

ENJOY AT: Bull Street Taco 

MADE WITH: Made With: Dark Rum, pineapple, Coco Lopez 

Plethora, that’s the rum that we use. Tiki Lovers, it’s a tiki-style dark rum. That is blended with some Coco Lopez and then we have a housemade Tepache. The owner actually makes it at home so it’s a lightly fermented pineapple juice. It is really our spin on a Piña Colada.

Plethora of Piñatas is also available as one of their cocktail bottles to-go. Bring it home, shake it well, and pour over ice. There’s enough for three drinks!

Meet the mixologist: Lindsay Sparmann 

I love the Ancho Honey Margarita. It’s got a little spice to it. Honey is added to it. It’s a well-balanced, amazing cocktail. If I wasn’t at work, I usually like to drink a beer with a shot of tequila. 

My favorite part about being a bartender is knowing that every day isn’t going to be the same when you wake up. It’s generally a very social job which makes time go by quickly. I’ve been at Bull Street Taco for two years. 

The food is fresh and consistently delicious. I was very nervous I was going to get bored of guacamole after working here this long. To this day, ours is still one of my absolute favorites.

 It also helps to work for genuinely good owners. That’s a big deal. It’s a game-changer. Nine times out of ten you’re spending more time at work than you are anywhere else so it makes a big difference. 

During my free time in Savannah, I do love taking a walk in Forsyth Park. I wish I could head over to Tybee Island more often. Mostly, I’m looking to see what events are going on. I also like to go to a brewery.