Thank God It's Fry Day: Where to Enjoy Fantastic French Fries in Savannah

Ah, french fries. Those slender slices of potato, fried golden and crunchy on the outside and soft and steamy on the inside. How deeply we love them. French fries are generally an accompaniment to foods like burgers, chicken nuggets and fried fish, but on Wed, July 13, the salted side item takes center stage. In case you didn’t know, that date happens to be National French Fry Day. It’s a special day to celebrate one of the most beloved foods in the nation, if not the world. 

Here’s a little-known piece of history. You may assume from the name that french fries originated in France, however that’s not the case. France’s northern neighbor Belgium is believed to be the true birthplace of the french fry. According to Belgian lore, in the late 1600s poor villagers in Meuse Valley would eat fried fish they caught in the river. But when the river froze over, they turned to potatoes, slicing and frying them in the same way they fried fish. Americans got hip to these french fries during World War I when American soldiers were stationed in Belgium. 

There is some dispute as to why they are called french fries, but the name most likely refers to the technique ‘frenching’, which is a method of evenly cutting all sides of an ingredient similar to julienning. History lesson over. Let’s get to the good stuff. There are wonderful french fries to be found all over Savannah, and not just at your favorite fast food place. Many local restaurants boast delicious french fries, even putting them forth as the main star in some of their dishes. If you want to celebrate National French Fry Day the right way, here’s where you can go to find french fries around town that are considered local favorites.

Over Yonder

Over Yonder is a Starland District bar and eatery with a cosmic country aesthetic and some really good fries. Their hand-cut french fries are served with a tasty bacon aioli and their signature cowboy ranch, making for a more interesting flavor experience than your traditional pairing with ketchup. If you’re craving something heartier, try their Live Mas Fries. Their crispy fries are topped with queso, sour cream, pico, avocado and jalapenos. You can add bacon or fried chicken for just a few dollars. It’s a flavorful fry dish that you won’t forget.

Thank God It's Fry Day: Where to Enjoy Fantastic French Fries in Savannah
Sly's Sliders & Fries (Facebook)

Sly’s Sliders and Fries

Sly’s Sliders and Fries boasts fries so good they put them in the name. They offer nicely-salted, hand-cut fries that are more than satisfying on their own. But if you want to get creative, you can opt to have them topped with a variety of toppings. Your options include bacon, pulled pork, black beans, cheese, chili, fried egg, garlic sauce, house-made ranch, jalapenos and jerk chicken. Feel free to pile on the toppings to take your french fries to the next level.    

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Fries with a side of Greek Burger at Green Truck Pub (Facebook)

Green Truck Pub

If you’re in pursuit of some truly amazing fries with no frills, you’ve got to give Green Truck Pub a try. Their hand-cut, house-made fries are just downright good. They’re served with the pub’s signature house-made ketchup, and they’re the perfect complement to the many burgers and sandwiches served up here. That being said, these fries are definitely good enough to stand alone. 

Ardsley Station

At Ardsley Station, you’ll find three lunch offerings that cast french fries in a starring role. One is the Poutine. Their take on the Canadian dish features their station fries topped with bacon gravy and cheddar curds. Another option is their Hanger Steak Frites, a classic combination of steak and fries served with a chimichurri aioli. Lastly, they offer the British favorite, Fish and Chips. It’s a cornmeal-dusted grouper served with station fries and a tangy remoulade.  If you love fries, which you most likely do, you’ll be more than satisfied with any of these plates.  

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Pulled Pork Fries at the Naked Dog (Facebook)

Naked Dog

In all honesty, the Naked Dog is known primarily for their gourmet all-beef hotdogs, not their fries. However, they have one dog worthy of mentioning in honor of this special occasion. Most people have their fries alongside their hotdog, but this menu item lets you have your fries atop your hotdog. Revolutionary. The dog in question is their Trailer Park Dog, which features a beefy hotdog topped with fries, cheese and spicy mayo. It’s definitely a must-try for local fry-lovers. 

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Loaded fries from Betty Bombers (Facebook)

Betty Bombers

Betty Bombers is an all-American eatery serving up burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. They’re known for their ultra-thin shoestring fries, and they highlight these fries in a variety of delicious fry baskets. Top a plain fry basket with cheese, chili or white or brown gravy to punch up the flavor. Other baskets include the BBQ Pork and Cheese Fries, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Fries, Chicken Fried Chicken Fries and their Steak and Cheese Fries. You can’t go wrong with any of these toothsome options.