THE CONNECT 5: Shows you shouldn't miss this week



FRI SEPT 1 | 9:30 PM

The Raleigh-based trio formed last spring, and they’ve promptly loaded their Bandcamp page with at least 16 songs spread over ten single and EP releases. As advertised, the sound is all over the place, but in a good way. Tiger Beach can rock post-punk, shoegaze, low-level goth, new wave, lo-fi, surf rock, ambient and indie pop. No, seriously. You’ll hear sounds that remind you of Sebadoh and other lo-fi giants, Pavement and other indie rockers, Pinback and other mellow alternative acts, and a bunch more while maintaining originality. Impressive for such a new band. Savannah’s Lilakk has stressed Hostess City eardrums with heavy grunge, mining the soul of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and The Breeders. Fronted by husband-and-wife dueling axe duo of Calli and Kirk Joiner, they call it Southern Grunge, and it tracks. The forecast for the opening act, local noisemakers WeatherEye, calls for loud punk rock and provocative merch.



Snyder found her calling in middle school, winning a talent contest that got her out of class the next day as she performed for three assemblies. She also realized she’s not good at anything else but being funny. Growing up a “big butch lesbian” in the good ol’ boy wonderland of Columbia, South Carolina, she works the juxtaposition to her advantage. Snyder’s material is heavy on everyday stories of navigating the world, finding commonality where it isn’t expected and making it funny. She spent a few months in NYC, learning a lot before loneliness and finances took her back home to Columbia. It’s not exactly a “you gotta bomb to get better” story, but the experience strengthened her resolve. Once back, she went all-in, declaring comedy and making people laugh to be her life’s mission and Columbia the place to do it. The comedy scene there is more progressive than she expected and very familial. Find out how funny the results are.


SAT SEPT 2 | 10 PM

Born Christopher Lee Marshall in Boerne, Texas, the Austin-based DJ and producer Crizzly began his EDM career in 2010. His style includes dubstep, crunk, trap, electrohouse, hyphy and drumstep. He can be credited with inventing the exotic hybrid crunkstep (proceed with caution, O-KAAAAYYYY?). Hey, if blackened crust and funeral doom can be metal subgenres, why not crunkstep? Crizzly has called his live shows “a 90-minute, adrenaline-addled hybrid of a frat party and dance marathon.” He also makes no bones about the fact that he’s an ass man, with hit singles “Ass Clap,” “Drop Dat Ass,” and “Big Booty B*tches.” Many thousands of those body parts bounce frenetically at major EDM festival appearances, including Electric Daisy and Escape from Wonderland, as well as more mainstream rock-oriented gatherings like the Warped Tour and Lollapalooza. Crizzly’s remix list is equally impressive, with artists T.I., Waka Flocka Flame, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna and Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia benefitting from his skills.



THUR SEPT 7 | 6:30 PM & 9 PM

Launched in 2020, the Candlelight Concert series has appeared in 80 cities across the globe. In venues lit by a bazillion candles, a local or regional string quartet takes on the work of various artists, from Vivaldi to Queen to Taylor Swift, and all points in between. In Savannah Candlelight shows, the musicians are sourced through Listeso Music Group. Given the list of artists the series has paid tribute to before, a performance of Adele’s music was inevitable. A relatively short 15 years since her stunning debut, Adele has sold more than 120 million records worldwide, based almost entirely on only four mega-platinum LPs and a Skyfall soundtrack single. For perspective, unstoppable rock band KISS has released 44 albums over 50 years and, despite the band’s unbridled commercial zeal, has sold a mere 105 million. Adele is a bona fide superstar, and fans will love this beautiful take on her music in a unique environment. Two shows are scheduled to meet demand.



Poole appeared at Dog Days Festival in Savannah in May, and the Brooklyn-based alt/country singer-songwriter returns for a more extended set. New Commute, an excellent Charlotte, NC, website that covers rare psychedelic, garage, country and similar work, referred to Poole’s music as “the intersection of experimental pop and outlaw country.” His 2016 debut EP “Olneyville System Special” garnered some attention, but the debut LP “Wideass Highway” and follow-up “The Rainbow Wheel of Death” displayed more ways to combine traditional country with modern weirdness and irrepressible originality. Themes of postmodern ennui and more-than-occasional unsatisfying mind expansion are mixed with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. To wit: “Vaping on the Job,” “Less Young But As Dumb,” "These Drugs Aren’t Working,” and “Buddhist for a Couple of Days.” Sonically, it gets dreamy and weird at times, but the twang pierces through. Brooklyn improv experimental duo Tonstartssbandht and local Jalen Reyes open.