THE CONNECT FIVE: Shows you should see this week



It’s doubtful they set out to prove anything. Still, Lobstrosity put on an absolutely blistering performance at the Lodge of Sorrows Halloween cover show, crushing a Slayer set — not an easy task with those face-melting solos and warp-speed riffage. It also elicited a moshpit as big and violent as you’ll see in Savannah, replete with an oversized Bender from Futurama slamming away. Proving there is no rest for the wicked, they’re opening for Daikaiju on Monday and headlining this Saturday night three-band banger. North Carolina’s All Hell has been casting its punk, thrash, black metal, and death rock alloy for a decade. Their new EP is their bleakest outlook yet. Atomic Peacemaker’s Cold War-ish name matches the timeline of the 80s metal that inspires them, with recognizable notes of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax and Exodus.

FRI & SAT, NOV 10 & 11 | 8 PM

Sessoms was born to perform. Raised in Harlem, her dad was a percussionist for James Brown. Her mother was an in-demand jingle and session singer. She turned pro at nine years old, her first performance opening for some guy named Marvin Gaye. With so much lined up, of course she has a beautiful, soulful voice that connects. Sessoms commands the stage and the song, living up to Gaye’s prediction she’d be a star. She also took her mom’s advice and has recorded more than 100 jingles for global brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein and Coca-Cola. Billboard described her voice as “exquisite,” and it’s been heard on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, The David Letterman Show and others. Collaborations include work with Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Joe Cocker, Pink, and Chris Botti. Her quartet includes Jacksonville bassist Lawrence Buckner, Orlando-based pianist Jarvis Brown, and Queens, NY drummer Will Montgomery II.

FRI, NOV 10 | 8 PM

Born in Savannah and based in Athens, PGroove is a Georgia institution. The original lineup of SCAD students formed in 1997, and when they decided to take the band seriously, they moved to college rock mecca Athens to chase the dream. Playing guitar-driven Southern rock that winds into extended jams live, they’re not a jam band. They just can when they want to. Brock Butler is an impresario guitarist who effortlessly moves into jazz-inspired solos and back to their trademark “anthemic trance arena rock.” You’ll quickly notice Butler is a level above most players if you don’t already know. As always, expect stunning visuals and a stadium-worthy light show to bring the whole experience together.

SAT NOV 11 | 9 PM

Measurement is made up of former members of some of Savannah’s most revered (and not so revered, but good) bands. The incomplete list includes Kylesa, Black Tusk, Lies in Stone, and Calico MD. That’s heavy on the sludge and other hard stuff, but Corey Barhorst is into electronics, and singer Jenn Carroll doesn’t do Cookie Monster. So it’s a traditional hard rock band with a bit of metal, a lot of melody, unexpected synths, and the experience and chops to pull off a middle-ground sound in a sea of bombastic megaheavy bands and dreamy alt-pop acts that dominate the scene. The advantage to Measurement is they fit just as well on a bill with punk rockers Manarovs as metal beasts Space Coke and alt-rockers The Slow Death. The benefit to you is more chances to see them rock. Annie Dukes, from north Florida, does “Black Sabbath meets Fleetwood Mac,” if that’s not enough of a reason to get to this show, what is?

SAT NOV 11 | 10 PM

In 2021, Fatt had a coming out party when he relocated to Miami from West Memphis. Burning through too much money playing dice, Moneybagg Yo’s label Bread Gang wanted Magic City to know there was a new player in town. With a distinct delivery and vocal style somewhere between mumblecore and threatening, Fatt busted out of the Soundcloud swamp. The unique style contrasts the visual elements. Each video plays like a continuation of the last, with unprecedented stacks conspicuously displayed along with 6-figure cars, (seemingly) 7-figure diamond chains, and 8-figure houses. He’s also highly prolific, with at least a dozen songs and videos on Apple Music released this year alone. See just how good Miami has been to YTB Fatt.