Hope For Agoldensummer and more


At 8 p.m. Thursday, April 7

The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.

Athens keeps turning ‘em out. If there's one creative thread that runs through Georgia's university city, it's a thread of religious adherence to non-conformity. Hope For Agoldensummer, for instance, is a rootsy acoustic trio that doesn't sound a whole lot like any of Athens' myriad other rootsy acoustic trios. "If Tom Waits were a woman, stoned on peyote, lost in the deep woods and caught in the same scenario as The Blair Witch Project, this is the music that would play," Relish described the group. Sisters Claire and Page Campbell turn out a dark sibling harmony, like the McGarrigle Sisters' sepia-toned doppelgangers, playing acoustic guitar, musical saw and numerous found and homemade objects. They also hand-craft all their own band merchandise. The haunting vibe is completed by noted Athens musician and producer Suny Lyons (aka Daniel Rickard), who's also been busy recording the upcoming second album from Savannah's acoustic maestro Dare Dukes. HFAGS (yes, that's the way it's abbreviated!) is in the middle of recording its fourth album. South Carolina's Joel Hamilton opens. See hopeforagoldensummer.com


Statesboro's Barefoot Booyah (Boone Blackmon and Sammy Warren) have an act that's part street busking and part progressive acoustica - Blackmon wails like an acid-head bluesman on his guitar, while Warren pounds an assortment of drums, buckets and cardboard boxes. The high-energy music is an amalgam of Stones, Beatles, Floyd, jam banditos and eccentric originals. They're at Tantra Saturday, April 9 ... From the mean streets of Miami, Dyslexic Postcards - a punk band with the boozy benefit of raw power, and heavy ‘90s rock and alt-psych trappings; they call themselves "debauch rockers" - were a last-minute booking at the Jinx. "We're just having fun with it ...anything can happen at a DP show and it usually does," said band guitarist and singer Joshua Xmas. "I refuse to apologize for wanting to entertain our audience. This is rock n' roll at its sleaziest." Check ‘em out, Jinx-wise, Saturday night ... The moment has arrived for the big Molly Hatchet show at Coach's Corner. It's a big ‘un, too, with High Velocity kicking things off at 5 p.m. (Saturday), followed by a set from Big Engine, followed in turn by the bad boys from Florida. Tickets are $20 in advance and will be $25 day of show ... At the Wormhole Friday night is a pretty fierce metal show, headlined by A.C. (that's an abbreviation; the band's name is outrageous and offensive on purpose - look it up if you have to). This semi-legendary Massachusetts grindcore band is famous for making up songs on the spot, and slamming them into your head. Savannah bands Ammon and Shadows of Creation open the show ...