Louis Logic, Bitch Please


With Camcutta, Bathsh3ba

At 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14

Wormhole Bar, 2307 Bull St.

Ticket info at wormholebar.com

Get to know the new Lou!

This quote from underground emcee Louis Logic sums up his philosophy quite nicely:

"I'm making music that I think is totally innovative and high quality," the New York rapper says. "To me, this is an exciting time for hip hop music because people are getting bored of the old boom bap formula so after 30 or so years of the same shit, we're trying new things. I love it."

Louis Dorley is a sharp-witted poet, and while his best-known, early raps are of the drunken, comedic variety (see "Factotum," "Idiot Gear," "Misery Loves Comedy") he is also a piano player and singer. Of his recent "surf/hip hop/Balkan fusion" project Spork Kills, he said: "Everything starts from scratch and the ideas and possibilities are infinite. And so the songs have a lot more changes in them than what is customary to a typical rap song. They have key changes, they have tempo changes, they have changes in dynamic and articulation and volume. Which isn't something that's terribly common in urban or rap music."

So what you have in Louis Logic is a restless artist who likes the element of surprise. He recently posted this on his Facebook page: "Louis will finally spread his lanky, tattooed arms wide and scoop in all the breadcrumbs he has scattered along the path of his adventurous journey. Louis will reintroduce himself to a world of curious onlookers as a fully formed ‘One Man Variety Show' with the start of his Get To Know the New Lou campaign. A barrage of fresh content will include a new EP on Fake Four Inc. with up and coming NYC production wiz-kid Hot Sugar and a series of TV Spot style videos."


With Dope Dialect

At 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14

Live Wire Music Hall, 307 W. River St. $10

Charles F. Moreland III: The name suggests someone in an ascot and a yachting cap. He could be the millionaire marooned on Gilligan's Island.

Truth is, he's known to his friends as Chuck, and he's the producer-slash-electro key wizard behind EP3, Atlanta's premiere electronica jam band.

Moreland's other major project is Bitch Please, a two-man amalgam of electro, dubstep, drum ‘n bass and house music. He calls it his "ghetto glam bastard child."

"The idea of Bitch Please is simple," he has said. "Stunner shades, champagne flowing, fur coats, and surprise remixes and vocal samples that bring back memories of drinking boxed wine in your car and getting hype to the new Master P track blasting on the radio."

EP3 drummer Tom Hilton, by the way, is the other guy on the Bitch Please stage. See bitchpleasemusic.com


If the Ramones were still around, they’d probably sound – well, more or less – like the Queers. The 31–year–old power–punk, vocal harmony trio out of New Hampshire – fronted, as always, by vocalist/guitar player “Joe Queer” - is at the Wormhole Thursday (Jan. 12). Free Candy and The Wild open ... Always a thrill to welcome Ten Cent Poetry back to town – the Ashville acoustic act consists of amazing singer/songwriter Chelsea Lynn LaBate, and cellist Melissa Hyman. They’re sharing a Jan. 14 Sentient Bean bill with “ambient folk” artist Aaron Thompson ... The high-energy midwestern bluegrass band Monroe Crossing plays Randy Wood Guitars Friday, Jan. 13 ...