Windsor Forest High School to have extra police presence Tuesday after Monday lockdown

Savannah Police Department says officers were dispatched only 'to assist,' not investigate. Campus police say 'it's the city's investigation.'

Extra police officers will be on hand Tuesday at a Savannah public high school after campus police say shell casings were found on a city street near the school on Monday.

Windsor Forest High School was placed on lockdown for the entirety of the school day on Monday, May 13 after reports of shots fired near the school's campus on Savannah’s southside. The Savannah Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) placed the school on lockdown, per protocol, once Savannah Police Department (SPD) officers were on the scene, according to SCCPSS communications.

Neither SPD nor SCCPSS would confirm shots were fired when reached by phone on Monday evening. SPD says the Board of Education Police Department is handling the incident, while the school district says the city is investigating.

The police department's Public Information Office told Connect Savannah that SPD officers were dispatched Monday morning only to "assist" the Board of Education (BOE) police. A spokesperson for SPD said the department was “not tracking” the incident as it was “a BOE matter.”

Campus police for SCCPSS say they found shell casings on the ground near the school.

A statement provided to Connect Savannah on Monday evening said that campus police also witnessed SPD detectives conducting interviews nearby to WFHS on Monday, which prompted the school's lockdown.

“SPD sent a detective out and conducted interviews. Shell casings were found in the city street. It’s the city’s investigation,” said campus police through the SCCPSS communications department on Monday evening. “(On Tuesday), we will have extra officers on campus and will not lock down unless we get information that drives a lockdown.”