Mayor Van Johnson on City's hiring practices: 'This is a blood sport, and we're in a Mortal Kombat for talent'

WATCH: City of Savannah mayor talks about raises for city's public safety employees

Mayor Van Johnson
Mayor Van Johnson
At many of his weekly press briefings, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson takes time to condemn violence and those causing it throughout the city. On Tuesday, July 9, Johnson joked that the City’s efforts to attract and keep public safety employees through pay raises is also a (metaphorically) violent practice.

“We want to also increase hiring bonuses for lateral entry and new officer hires by a minimum of 33 percent. This is a blood sport. We are in a Mortal Kombat for talent and we have to win that talent,” Johnson said from City Hall on Tuesday.
“We want the best, we want the brightest—we have to pay for it. Our citizens deserve it, and we're going to go hard in the paint for that. This reflects a continuation of our ongoing commitment to enhancing public safety, improving our infrastructure, and ensuring that our city remains safe, environmentally healthy, and economically thriving for all of our residents.”

To watch a clip of Tuesday’s press briefing, including the mayor’s “Mortal Kombat” remarks, click the YouTube video above.