Dirty Dolls @Pour Larry's and Club One for Pride Weekend


Dirty Dolls Burlesque @Pour Larry's & Club One

The local Dirty Dolls burlesque troupe travels extensively throughout the Southeast. They could easily perform elsewhere this weekend if they wanted to.

But this is Pride Weekend back home, and Dirty Doll Mary Contrary says there was never a question where they’d be.

“The Dirty Dolls’ first show was in the basement of Club One during Pride 2013. We’re still thrilled to be Savannah’s only event catering to LGBT women. As such, we can’t imagine not being here to celebrate,” she says.

About hometown audiences, she tells us, “We perform throughout the east coast and Midwest but there’s something very special about our Savannah audience. They seem to understand and appreciate what we do on a different level. I always want our show to be more than just a sexy striptease. Savannah audiences recognize and enjoy the artistry and creativity that doesn’t always resonate with other audiences.”

Mary confirms the general sense about Pride Week activities, and LGBT-oriented events in general: That as a celebration of inclusiveness, they welcome anyone.

“You see plenty of straight people coming out to support their LGBT friends. Gay and straight parents bring their children out to enjoy the festival. It’s no longer just for gays and lesbians,” she says.

“It’s always been important to me that everyone feels comfortable and welcome at our shows. It ties right into the purpose of Pride: creating a sense of community and acceptance.”

The Pour Larry’s show features a 6 p.m. meet ‘n’ greet with the ladies; all proceeds benefit Savannah First Responders.