Best Men’s Clothing Store

J. Parker Limited

J. Parker Limited has been dressing Savannah men head to toe for business and pleasure since 1971, ever since Jimmy Parker made his stand on Southern style with his knit collared shirts emblazoned with a crab.

Now located on the sunny side of Broughton Street, this Savannah staple offers everything for the discerning Lowcountry gentleman: Tailored suits, crisp shirts, rainbows of Robert Talbott bowties and High Cotton pocket squares. There’s also essential collections of quality weekend wear and accessories, perfect for going from the dock to the club. (Those Bermuda shorts with the embroidered palmetto trees are a must for oyster roast season!)

While the clientele tends to be all about the classics, Parker’s son, Kieffer, who’s run the shop for ages, has noticed some changes in the trends.

“Guys are more concerned about fit and fabric now than any time I’ve ever seen,” marvels the style scion.

“We’re seeing trimmer lines and shorter jacket lengths.”

If the thought of giving up your stretched-out t-shirts and dressing like a grown man strikes fear in your heart and wallet, Kieffer and his staff of helpful haberdashers are here to help. There’s something on the ready-to-wear racks to fit any budget and occasion, and they’ll be honest on whether you’re the type of gent who can pull off a seersucker suit.

When in doubt, Kieffer says Savannah’s best-dressed dudes can always rely on the traditional Southern uniform:

“You just can’t go wrong with a navy blazer and well-fitting pair of khakis.”

He also has a vital piece of advice for young men just beginning to build their wardrobes.

“The one item that should be in every guy’s closet is a charcoal gray suit,” he counsels.

“You can wear it to a wedding or a funeral, and it works in every season.” —Jessica Leigh Lebos

Runner up: Banana Republic