Best Hotel


What makes a good hotel great?

Every hotel has its fluffy pillows, helpful staff and killer amenities (indoor pool, we're looking at you). Hotels are, after all, in the hospitality industry, so it stands to reason that they excel at hospitality. And since Savannah is a city known for its Southern hospitality, the best hotel here has to truly stand out.

The difference with Andaz is that it goes above and beyond for its guests and its locals. It's becoming a destination for people who live within city limits, just as it's a destination for people looking to explore the city.

"I think there are a lot of Savannahians that are coming out and finding the Andaz and the restaurant," says general manager Sid Ramani. "I think we have an amazingly unique experience. People have the most genuine, authentic hospitality experience here."

Besides hosting guests, Andaz hosts plenty of events, like art receptions and parties, which draw in people from all over town. Once there, they experience 22 Square, the restaurant attached to the hotel.

22 Square is a farm-to-table restaurant that uses local and ethical ingredients, like grass-fed beef and produce from the Forsyth Farmer's Market. That approach may be more expensive, but it's worth it for the quality it provides.

"We incur a much higher food cost, but we run it efficiently in ways that other hotels would find unacceptable," Ramani explains. "It is truly genuine and local; it's more than marketing."

The Andaz staff cares about the treatment out-of-towners get. Tourists leave the Andaz feeling like they belong in Savannah, thanks to the hospitality they receive while they're here.

"We do a tremendous job of truly putting people out of town in touch with Savannah and giving them a good experience in a very authentic way," says Ramani.

"It's the real deal, I think—if you walk into the hotel, you can feel it." —Rachael Flora

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