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Megan Jones, It’s Megan Jones Photography

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Megan Jones

Megan Jones got your vote for Best Wedding Photographer this year, her first-ever win. But she’s no ordinary wedding photographer.

“I specialize in elopements. I captured over 90 elopements last year and I love them!”

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t the whole point of an elopement that no one knows about it? Not in 2017, and not in Savannah—which is now the nation’s number-one destination for elopements.

“Elopements have changed a lot in the last ten years, because people are really planning them these days,” Megan tells us.

“It’s usually when a bride and groom wish to get married without the huge price tag, and they choose a destination, plan a few things like what they will wear, and where they’ll have the dinner, and then have an officiant and photographer there to help them accomplish getting married,” she says.

“For some people, they really are okay just celebrating their love together without all the fanfare. Usually I get to work very close with just the bride and groom, wandering around downtown Savannah by foot of by pedicab in a photography adventure,” says Megan.

Megan says she owes a lot of her success to her “work wife,” Tracy Brisson, a wedding officiant who owns Savannah Custom Weddings.

“I actually captured Tracy’s elopement and she wrote her own vows. She loved it, but was sad there wasn’t a local female officiant, so she started her own business and brought me along with her,” Megan explain s.

The twist to this story is that Megan is getting married herself this year, to well-known local performer and writer Christopher Soucy, known best to many of you for his longtime role in the Odd Lot Improv troupe. The lucky couple are getting married later this year.

So what tips and tricks of the trade will Megan bring to her own wedding festivities?

“The main thing is, a bride should feel 100 percent comfortable in her own dress. It is a make or break as far as wedding photos go,” she says.

“Also, finding a wedding photographer you feel really comfortable with will make your wedding photos turn out much more natural.” —Jim Morekis

Runner-up: Katie McGee Photography