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Les Racquet: From left Patrick Carroll, Daniel Malone and Kenny Murphy. The boys are back in town for two shows and some beachside R & R.

Just received a special family newsletter from Les Racquet's Daniel Malone. Although originally rooted in New York, the adventuresome rock 'n' roll trio calls Tybee home —for at least part of the year—and when the guys aren't here, they're on the road.

Les Racquet works hard. They’re a great band, and they know it, and they deserve all the attention they get.

Drummer Daniel checked in because the LR boys are in the area this week, and playing shows at Barrelhouse South (June 19) and their “home away from home,” Tybee Island Social Club (June 22).

I like how Mr. Malone’s written this thing, so instead of narratively re-phrasing it in my own words, I’m just going to let you review it as received (albeit with a tiny edit or two, to repair his terrible grammar and delete the odd rude, only-a-musician-could-say-that comment. You know).

“Since the green beer ran out and the crazy crowds dispersed and we said sad goodbyes and headed north out of town in mid-March, we toured up through the midwest and did a month-long artist residency in Chicago for April.  On April 26th we did a show in Jackson, MI. with a six-camera production crew, and are currently working on the finishing touches for a full length DVD planned to be released next month.  After that we made our way back to the East Coast and spent a few days in Harrisonburg, VA.  While we were there we met with Mott Cameron, the sound and recording engineer at Clementine Cafe, to listen to a live recording he mixed and mastered for us.  We are releasing it as a vinyl record and plan on doing so at the end of the summer.

“After some strategic shows in major markets and a couple festivals in the northeast we made it back to NYC and have been diligently working on casting and building a multi-media artist residency at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan for the month of July.  

“We were also recently put in contact with a company in Japan and are in negotiations as we speak to go overseas and tour that beautiful country in early 2015.  On top of that, we are in the beginning stages of working with a team in Brazil to tour there (also in 2015), with emphasis on getting booked for the Brazil Lollapalooza festival, which takes place in late march or early April. 

“We recently decided to plan the next installment of what we call ‘Camp Racquet.’ We will be going to a remote location without distraction, and limited social interaction, and will be writing new material for our next record.  This is our way of getting our proverbial ducks in a row and making sure that everything is ‘so fresh and so clean’ for all of our fans every time they see us. We are very excited to say that this time around we will be doing CR in Maine, north of Bangor for two to three weeks in August. But I digress. 

“Back to Savannah! We have been looking forward to our show at the Barrelhouse for quite some time now.  We invited our good friends and one of our favorite bands, Dangermuffin, to join us for this homecoming celebration. They will kick off the show and play their version of sandblasted roots rock and then after we finish our raucous set we plan to reassemble the infamous ‘DangerLes RacquetMuffin’ ultimate family jam to close out the night and leave you trembling but satisfied.  

“That pretty much sums it up for now.  We plan on spending a few days on Tybee before the show, so if anyone wants to find us take Victory Drive south out of town and follow it until you get to 12th and Butler. Turn left, park the car, walk out to the beach and look for the pasty white guys who seem a little happier than anyone else there.  Who knows, you might get yourself a special hello gift from Les Racquet upon arrival, especially if you bring a bocce set or something cold to drink.”

It’s signed Much love, Daniel (drums/vox). I think that love’s for you guys—not me, particularly.

Locks 'n' load

Cool to see the fun new band Ambrose (with Steve Baumgardner on those soulful vocals) sharing a June 20 Jinx bill with the Lovely Locks. The Lockers have metamorphosed from their early, folk-trio beginnings and now play as a five-piece, with drummer Tom Worley and bassist Brian Bazemore making up a full band with Britt Scott, Anna Chandler and Crystina Parker. Electric guitars! Big beats! Thick(er) harmonies!

This “new” aggregation is releasing a full-length original “demo” album, Trust No Man, recorded not so long ago in their Ardsley Park band house. CDs will be available at the Jinx show, although the album will also begin streaming for free on the 20th at lovelylocksband.com.

Anna Chandler’s other band, COEDS, has the enviable slot of opening for the great Atlanta trio The Coathangers June 28 (also at the Jinx). And on July 3, American Hologram (another Britt Scott project) will be part of Trinity United’s “Thursday Night Opry” series, with City Hotel and Cusses. Each band performs its set City Hotel-style, all gathered around a single microphone.

Les Racquet: From left Patrick Carroll, Daniel Malone and Kenny Murphy. The boys are back in town for two shows and some beachside R & R. Photo by Hear Magazine.

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