Clay Johnson and Jeremy Davis are taking their Equinox Orchestra to new heights

Clay Johnson and Jeremy Davis of the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra
The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra tour bus

“Have you seen the bus?” We were a few sips into our coffees at The Collins Quarter when Jeremy Davis asked me this question with raised eyebrows and an incredibly genuine smile. 

I had, in fact, seen the big beautiful blue tour coach with “The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra” emblazoned on the sides, and that was one of the things I wanted to ask him about. 

But he eagerly beat me to the punch. What was originally scheduled as a short interview turned into a robust two-hour conversation about business and life and purpose, and I am thankful to have kept that appointment. Suffice it to say, Jeremy Davis and his childhood best friend Clay Johnson have a strong grip on what they have been put on this planet to do, and anyone who has met them will say likewise.

More on the bus a little later. But first, it’s important for you, the reader, to be aware of their exciting new concert series coming to Savannah. 

The Charles H. Morris Center, in partnership with Connect Savannah, proudly present ‘The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra’s Monday Night Cabaret.’ 

On select Monday nights, starting October 25, the orchestra will take the stage at the Morris Center for uniquely themed shows featuring brand-new music, great original arrangements of familiar songs, and some spectacular special guests. 

Savannahians may recognize the name of the Equinox Orchestra, and they may remember the oft told tale of how Jeremy and Clay met in the seventh grade in West Monroe, Louisiana, and have remained close friends ever since, playing music together in some form or another for over 30 years. 

They may even be aware that it was hurricane Katrina that played a role in their relocation to Savannah. What may come as a surprise, though, is all of the accomplishments and success they achieved over the last 18 months in the midst of—and in spite of—the global pandemic. But it was by no means easy. 

2020 was going to be “the year.” On paper, their business was set to grow by leaps and bounds. Then came March when it all evaporated in the span of a few days. 

Not content to be labeled as non-essential workers, Jeremy and Clay got to work planning ways to continue to provide entertainment to their fans and beyond. The band went live on Facebook once a week to play music, tell stories, and stay connected with the world. As restrictions eased, they began promoting Summer Outdoor Shindigs (S.O.S.) keeping audiences smaller and socially-distanced, playing in backyards, front porches, and neighborhood streets. These and other creative alternatives allowed them to keep their lights on and kids fed.

Another avenue of creativity that became immediately available was time to invest in making a new album. For years they had talked about when and how they could get back in the studio, and now—all of a sudden—they had more than enough time. The studios at NFS Ranch in Elkton, FL, opened their doors and the orchestra had so much material, they walked away from those sessions with not one, but three new albums. Each has been progressively released throughout 2021 as a three-volume trilogy, and are now all available on most streaming platforms. 

Recently, their music caught the ear of Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and U.S. presidential candidate, and the group was invited to be special guests on his talk show ‘Huckabee.’ 

On August 12, the band traveled to ‘Twitty City’ in Nashville where the show is filmed and rehearsed their songs on set. 

With this being the largest television audience they have played for to date, Jeremy and Clay felt the pressure to perform at their absolute best, and they did just that. If you have yet to see their Huckabee appearance, do yourself a favor and go to equinoxorchestra.com to watch it.

Now, about that bus. 

In 2014, the pair traveled to India on a mission trip to serve in the poorest areas of Chennai. 

“There is where we first realized we could use our music to be a blessing to people in need, and seeds were sown that would eventually grow into our greatest passion–Equinox Global Missions,” said Johnson. 

Since then, they have committed time and resources to perform in assisted living facilities and underserved school systems, to raise money for homeless shelters and youth programs, and internationally for struggling churches and charities. 

Before Covid, the group traveled to Israel for their first-ever Equinox Holy Land Experience, taking fans with them to not just tour the country, but also serve the residents there through concerts. 

A very generous couple believes in their work so much that they have underwritten the bus as an asset for the mission and the band. The bus is—to them—”a visible reminder of their higher calling.”

The name “equinox” carries with it the idea of yin and yang, half and half. 

And that seems to be a perfect description of these two. Jeremy and Clay along with the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra are a reminder of days gone by, but at the same time, an exciting ride into uncharted territory. 

Find out more about all they have going on at equinoxkrewe.com.

Tickets for ‘The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra’s Monday Night Cabaret’ at the Charles H. Morris Center go on sale soon at equinoxorchestra.com.

Story used with permission

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