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Re: “Black Sheep White Cop: A true-life memoir of crime & corruption

You are correct Tonya Toney. Prior to that I was with SCMPD for 12 years,to include while Kevin Grogan was there. I did not sling any mud. My questions are based in facts that you can easily check if you are so inclined. I posted what I typed to Kevin and what he typed in return so someone like yourself could see I am not hiding my thoughts from Kevin. He knows exactly who I am, where I worked then and now. Forgive me if I do not feel the need to list a resume and references to critique a published book. You and every reader of the book is entitled to your opinion. I simply expressed my thoughts and asked for answers to questions. I did not ask Kevin to place my name in the dedication of this book, and although there are things I can agree with, there are others I will not. That said, for people who never worked at SCMPD during this timeframe and those that do not know me either personally or professionally (and forgive me if I do not recognize your name and I apologize for my lack of memory if I should) it was in my personal interest to publicly express myself. By doing so my hope was to stop people's assumptions that my name in a dedication implies blind support for the content of the book. Simply put Tonya Toney, had I not been dragged into a public publication my criticisms would have remained private as they had for years.

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Posted by Alan Sammons on 06/27/2017 at 11:39 PM

Re: “Black Sheep White Cop: A true-life memoir of crime & corruption

I would characterize the book as highly opinionated and misleading in some areas. If you read it you get his take and opinion. For many who worked at SCMPD....we think differently. Below is what I had to say to the author and his reply, which can be found on the FaceBook page for the book.

"You should not honor men more than the truth." Plato

You mentioned me in your dedication as a man who does not know the excuse of "Not my job" or "That is all I can do." Perhaps that is true. You reference the "man in the arena" portion of a speech delivered by T. Roosevelt. Well I have stood in the ring, tasted the dirt and lost more of myself than most will ever know. Success has found me at times but not as often as failures. I think Roosevelt would allow me to be the critic.

I have given much thought to the theories and positions you take in your book. I have to say I am troubled by some things I read. Since you pulled my name into the public arena I feel compelled to offer my opinion. I feel the reader may be misled, and this is for those who might need more information to consider before making judgements.

(For those who do not know this law)
O.C.G.A. 16-10-20, False Statements and Writings
"A person who knowingly and willfully falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact; makes a false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or makes or uses any false writing or document, knowing the same to contain any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of state government or of the government of any county, city, or other political subdivision of this state shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000.00 or by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, or both."

Sgt Larry, whom you hold in high regard, investigated your actions as a police officer (and yes while employed with SCMPD you are at all times a cop and a representative of the department) operating a police vehicle while intoxicated on July 17, 2014 and found you in violation of two SCMPD policies: Vehicle Operations and Oath of Office. That was for driving while under the influence of alcohol and the other for providing an untruthful statement. The untruthfulness was over a material fact, one that took some effort for the investigator to find (meaning he didn't just take your word-he went out to verify your word and found evidence in contradiction).

Your statement was protected under "Garrity" (for the reader: immunity from use in criminal proceedings) unless you say something that is substantially not true. You complained you only had a month on administrative leave when others got up to a year before disciplinary action, but the department did not make you resign or terminate you at that point. You resigned the moment Sgt Larry wanted to confront the "misconstrued" information. The department ultimately assigned termination as your administrative punishment and noted your resignation in lieu of termination. Why resign? If you told it all, no hesitation, knowing you would be fired for the DUI anyway, why not make further statements to Sgt Larry? If there was a misunderstanding why not clear it up?

The book makes no mention of Sgt Larry's findings, his testimony at trial or the disciplinary action of the department. Instead you attack the DA, the ADA's, the citizens (grand jury members) and take a shot at a Superior Court Judge.

I'll agree, five years earlier, under Lovett and that political climate, you most likely would never have been charged. The information might not have been brought to the attention of the DA's office. At worst you would have been fired. It was hard to tell back then. Most of us could never understand why some officers were disciplined and others weren't, but I guess that was just the "politics" of the former chief. Unfortunately for you, your misfortune came as the Lovett empire crumbled. Some of his skeletons escaped the closet. Matters involving officers were looked at more closely by the new Internal Affairs and perhaps that information was shared, reluctantly maybe, but shared nonetheless. Thus setting the new standard. You argue you were prosecuted because you were white and up until that time only former black SCMPD officers had been prosecuted. Does that mean your offense should have been ignored? Does that mean you are better than the other officers who did face and still face prosecution?

The citizens who sat on the Grand Jury at the time of your indictment did not indict a "ham sandwich." They heard probable cause and voted based on their intellect. There is nothing sinister or unfair about the process of indictment in The State of Georgia and I am willing to go out on a limb and say the procedure will be similar in all 50 States.

Should the charge of false statements against you had been such that no reasonable person could have found you guilty, then your defense counsel would have asked for and convinced the presiding judge that a directed verdict of not guilty on the charge was necessary as a matter of law. There must have been more than just ham in the sandwich because that did not occur.

You complained the DA refused to prosecute a white gang for attacking a white police officer (off duty and not in uniform- don't want anyone to think he was attacked in uniform) and insinuate there is some racial motivation or reason. What you fail to tell the reader is you had the case for over 12 months. You failed to make an arrest. You never completed your report until literally just prior to your resignation. You could have at any time sought a warrant and charged the perpetrator. This was our job. This was your job as the lead investigator- Investigate- If crime established charge appropriately- When arrests made submit ALL evidence and documents to DA's Office for prosecution. The DA has discretion only over prosecution of the case, not your ability to arrest. I don't understand what prevented you from arresting someone. Perhaps the more appropriate criticism for the failure of an arrest in this case should be directed towards SCMPD.

You praised a number of police officers and one former chief but bash a handful of prosecutors in the book. The reader should know not one of the prosecutors has ever been fired from their position or convicted of a crime while holding a position of public trust. Some of the cops you mention....4 were fired and found guilty of Federal Crimes. One if not two more were fired from SCMPD as well. Particularly that sergeant you seem so fond of who all too often was the focus of a domestic violence incident with even a couple of them actually reported to police. Your readers probably will not do this, but I encourage them to research the names themselves and make their own decisions on how much praise should be given to all the men in that unit. Without a doubt there were some very good men and officers that served on the unit. Also there is no doubt that proactive police work, such as done by EXPO, certainly has an effect on the crime statistics. Unfortunately it was the bad eggs and the clouds some members of EXPO carried with them at times that probably led to a lot of the dislike expressed by some in the police department towards EXPO while it was in existence.

You are a good man Kevin. You were a good cop. I absolutely understand the personal troubles that led to your terrible decisions. YOU made the choices that led to your tribulations. But for your choices, none of this would have occurred and if there is blame for all that occurred after the wreck I would look no further than yourself. I for some reason expected a little humbleness from you after this experience because I don't see anything to be proud and boastful about. You had your trial, "stood before the mast" and the jury spoke. You escaped the serious charge and and no matter how anyone feels about the outcome, the entire process worked as it should.

You can dedicate this work in my name and others if you wish, but in no way do I support the glorification of some of the officers you named who have dishonored the badge and tarnished not only their names but the reputation of SCMPD. I do not support the various inferences you create through your portrayal of facts and information related to some of the investigations you reference. I do not support your position that everything you told Internal Affairs was truthful, and if I had been in Sgt Larry's position I would have found you to have been untruthful as well. After all you gave no other reason or way for your "misconstrued" statement to be viewed in relation to the facts discovered.

Perhaps I don't like hearing "not my job" and perhaps I don't know how to think "there is nothing else I can do." But the phrase I try to hold myself to the most is very simple. It brings all responsibility back to the one who speaks it. It forces self reflection..."No excuse sir."

For anyone who reads this, most of what I write here can be verified with documentation if you are willing to do the work. Otherwise think what you will about some of the subject-matter in the book.

Author's reply:

Alan, you too are a good man and there is no question you have been in the arena. I appreciate your criticism and have always admired your candor. Im troubled by a few of your takes on what I have written but I have always respected your ability to see the big picture. My accounts of the individuals in this book are based on my experience with them. I think glorify may be a strong word. As for my case and the interview, my opinion is well documented and I stand by it. For something to be criminal there has to be intent, I know you understand that all too well. The statute you quoted begins with knowingly and willfully. As far as making a second statement, I think my thinking is explained there as well and I hope you understand that was a time in my life where I was dealing with several issues. I appreciate your honesty as always. I also stand by my dedication because I have always admired your skill and tenacity. There is no one on this Earth who knows where the responsibility for my actions lays better than I. If you don't see the agenda that underlies the entire prosecution then, as we have so many times before, we can agree to disagree. You have known me long enough also to understand that I own the mistakes I have made and make no excuse but I will not ever take responsibility for something I didn't do.

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Posted by Alan Sammons on 06/27/2017 at 8:15 PM

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