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Re: “Secession impressions

Continued Rant from AP Hill The individual soldiers and military leaders had there reasons to fight based on a perceived threat to their liberty. This is why Southerners in particular celebrate the individual soldiers and the military leaders and maybe Jefferson Davis. For the politicians it was about a threat to their power. Thats why North and South no one celebrates the political leaders except for Lincoln and Davis. The rest of them are selfish bastards. For the Northern industrialist and the Sothern plantation owners it was about their money. Thats why none of these selfish bastards are celebrated unless they actually served in the military during the war. Don't forget Power and Money flow that trial and you will always find out whose is responsible for any war or government policy here or abroad. Oh one other thing to think about just as the average man got screwed over back then. You are getting screwed over now. We are all on the plantation now jumping to the demands of the new slave masters in the two big white plantation mansions in DC, the White House and the Capitol Building. Even those slave master have masters who pull their strings. Sic Semper Tyrantus!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ambrose Hill on 12/25/2010 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Secession impressions

Good arguments all! First let me say I am from NC, as my ancestors have for the last 300 year. That my ancestors were at battles like the Cow Pens, and Guilford Court House with Greene and the colonial miltia. In the second American Revolution my ancestors marched with Jackson in the valley and my great grandfather was captured at Spotsylvannia Courthouse. I have no greater respect than for the men and leaders of the Army of Northern Virgina. The last true patriots to the Republic. On the causes of the War of North Agression, most of it breaks down to Power and Money. Power from the standpoint of the growing influx of immigrants in the North that ballooned the population, which in turned increased the number of Northern Congressmen who would vote for increasing import and export tariffs on raw material-cotton leaving the US and finested good coming in from abroad. Northern industrialist did not want to pay a world market price for cotton. Nor did they want to compete with Europe and be a low cost provider of manufactured goods. They wanted a captive market. In the modern context this is called protectionism when it is to the disadvantage of the modern US business interest and job protection and industrial policy when to the advantage of the US unions. At that time the only protection from this growth of power against the South interest (which was the produciton of raw material- cotton) was the Senate. The whole reason for having a slave state and a free state join the union at the same time. So that there would be a balance of power in the Senate to minimize the effect of the growing Congressional power from the industrial Northern states. Was the split between North and South unavoidable. Probably so, the North was modernizing and industrializing. The North wanted to keep the South plantation system intact as long as that system served to feed Northern mills with cheap cotton. The South was based on agriculture, with poor geography for industrialization at that time. Anyway. we have a similar political discussion going on today, illegal aliens. The business interest clandstinely use those who are fighting for the legalization of these illegals because it drives down the cost of labor without driving down retail prices. The people fighting to enforce immigration laws are trying to protect the price of labor and the working class. Also you hear terms like open borders and open markets. New phrases for "your jobs go somewhere if you can't work cheap enough" Oops sorry about getting off on a rant!!!!!

Posted by Ambrose Hill on 12/25/2010 at 11:57 AM

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