An Evening of Ethereal Americana with Moses Nesh and Black Water Choir @Graveface Records 

THERE'S A discomfort in Atlantan Moses Nesh’s songs: a guitar just slightly out of tune, vocals peaking and crackling in a lo-fi, old-timey way. But goodness, are they lovely, challenging songs. The Lovely Ohio, released in September 2014, has a warm, looming ambiance to it, slide guitar curling around haggard tin-can vocals. Nesh brushes the autumn leaves off of a co-opted Appalachia tradition, bringing the dark intricacies back to the surface. This isn’t “manufactured moonshine in a mason jar” Appalachia, but rather “run through the woods and cut your bare foot on a rusted whiskey still while looking for snakes” Appalachia. It’s a vintage kind of melancholy that’s best suited for a small room like Graveface.

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The brittle folk songs of Savannah’s Black Water Choir rounds out the bill. Tracks like “I Am Not The Man” evoke the “Don’t Think Twice” side of Dylan with shades of Fruit Bats and the early experimentations of Coma Cinema. Black Water Choir’s Corey Hines recorded his two spare and intimate Black Water Choir releases, 2013’s Stray Dogs and June’s The Black River Recordings, at home, and is currently finishing up an EP, due in late 2014 or early 2015.

These are the sounds of November, providing the perfect soundtrack for the audience to sink into winter like boots into snow.

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 7 p.m.


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