Gentrification: Part One

The vast majority of people, when they bring up Gentrification, are actually speaking about just a piece of it, as if that piece is the whole.

Downtown expansions

One citizen was a bit upset that the plan wasn’t “Savannah” enough. Now, I’m not sure how one can objectively measure Savannah-ness.

An Ardsley Park bungalow and Gentrification 2.0

This tear-down/re-build dilemma, where the individual benefit is harmful to the whole, might unfortunately be a hallmark of what I will call Gentrification 2.0.

Bloated zoning and lean Urbanism

I’ve asked around, and as far as I can tell, there’s not even an internal copy of Draft Four floating around City cubicles.

Planning for climate change

There will be a great deal of resistance. But the alternative is to carry on “as normal,” rebuilding as before, behaving as before, until what happened in Barbuda and Puerto Rico happens on the Georgia sea islands.

A tale of two site plans

Separated by 500 feet, these two blocks illustrate the challenges and frustrations of city planning in Savannah
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness..." APOLOGIES if I triggered any middle school summer reading flashbacks, but the allusion really is appropriate to the subjects, though they aren’t in two different cities.

Savannah needs a ‘night mayor’

Sure enough, the “night mayor” idea has made its way across the Atlantic

ISO: Location efficiency

Breaking down the realities of new residential construction. Case in point: What I call the Much Needed Apartments on Forsyth (MNAF).
IN 2007, I moved from Savannah to Atlanta. I quit my job with SCAD and headed to the big city to study city planning and urban design at Georgia Tech.

Pedicabs: Our most over-regulated business?

Why does the City feel the need to establish a restrictive dress code specific to this industry? It boggles the mind.

Bring on the f'n Robot Cars!

This is the end-game for Uber and Lyft (and Google, and Tesla...). Their current systems (with human drivers, ha) are just potty-training you for the real revolution, my friends
I AM a new, though somewhat reluctant convert to the Church of the Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEV).


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    • Shannon thats the definition of subjective. If we go out and look at the Highlands,…

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