Are you #TeamFoxy?

In nuisance law that pre-dates the adoption of zoning codes throughout America, there is a concept known as “moving to the nuisance.”

Appraising the appraisal process

I believe the land valuations that I described two columns ago are systematically flawed, to the great detriment of owners of smaller land parcels.

Fire Fee: Don’t shoot the messenger

Sprawl is out there. Sprawl that has been annexed. Sprawl that must be provided infrastructure and services and then maintained. This is why we have a persistent and growing budget imbalance.

Property tax sticker shock: A closer look

The Chatham County Board of Assessors decided this year to give every residential lot in Thomas Square (and adjacent neighborhoods) a set price. Not a set price per square foot, mind you, which would make sense -- just one flat price.

The Oglethorpe Plan: The threats, the reality, and what’s in between

The NPS uses the word “threatened” in a very particular way, and it has not even been applied yet.

Parking up the wrong tree

Parking is always a source of simmering agitas in Savannah, bit it has erupted again into the public spotlight and conversation due to the City's proposal to charge for spaces at Forsyth Park. If existing Facebook comments are a good indicator, there is not a lot of support for this move. However, it should not come as a surprise to any regular readers that I am in support.


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