Getting realistic about sea level rise

Getting realistic about sea level rise

'We can plot any rise of sea level on the ground, now, and know the consequences. If we try to plot time, we would be on a fool's errand.'

Calls to action: Waters corridor, retrofitting Southside suburbia, and the Tomochichi Annex

Other areas of Savannah – they could use some help. And some help they will get.

Incivility and ‘Combat Parking’ Syndrome

Still, to this day, there are barbarians among us – those that ignore the rules of civility, both written and unwritten, making the act of city life more difficult for the rest of us.

Gentrification, Part 3: The Anarchist

Not having ever given much serious thought to Anarchism -- to me it's so intuitively and self-evidently unworkable -- I asked for some reading material.

Finding the jobs-housing balance in the natural experiment of the Snowpocalypse

As I sat at the bar of the Green Truck amidst the thrum, scanning the crowd and seeing familiar faces, bantering with the staff, my city planning lizard brain was grinding on something.

Gentrification: Part Two (Making the Jump)

Going from a landscape painted in broad strokes to a close-up portrait of one person on the cusp of multiple categories
LAST COLUMN, I made some sweeping generalities about the different stakes that exist for various parties within the process of neighborhood change dubbed "Gentrification." This week, as promised, I’m changing gears.

Gentrification: Part One

The vast majority of people, when they bring up Gentrification, are actually speaking about just a piece of it, as if that piece is the whole.

Downtown expansions

One citizen was a bit upset that the plan wasn’t “Savannah” enough. Now, I’m not sure how one can objectively measure Savannah-ness.

An Ardsley Park bungalow and Gentrification 2.0

This tear-down/re-build dilemma, where the individual benefit is harmful to the whole, might unfortunately be a hallmark of what I will call Gentrification 2.0.

Bloated zoning and lean Urbanism

I’ve asked around, and as far as I can tell, there’s not even an internal copy of Draft Four floating around City cubicles.

Planning for climate change

There will be a great deal of resistance. But the alternative is to carry on “as normal,” rebuilding as before, behaving as before, until what happened in Barbuda and Puerto Rico happens on the Georgia sea islands.


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