Plein Air with Will Penny

Plein Air with Will Penny

'I’m always thinking about trying to create different ways of a reward in actually seeing it in person'

Meredith Gray says goodbye

‘South by Southwest’ ties up Gray’s seven-year stay here
'It’s really my journeyman’s tale, but in visuals as opposed to the written word'

Animal Instinct: Stacie Jean Albano’s smart, fun show is up at Location Gallery

Albano’s trademark style of landscape painting shines through in this show with her gentle, almost impressionistic brush strokes

Reflecting on Roe

Sulfur’s latest juried exhibition handles controversy with care
Sulfur put out a national call for entry asking artists to respond to the theme of Roe v. Wade

Saying goodbye to summer

Hayley Gaberlavage’s paintings capture that summer feelin’
She calls herself a “vagabond of the Deep South,” and that title is well-deserved—her paintings capture the essence of a Southern summer

Photographing the turn of the century

Telfair’s exhibition at Jepson examines four important artists from the permanent collection
AS ubiquitous as photography has become, it’s easy to forget its humble beginnings. Long before the camera feature became standard for all mobile phones, photographers like Ralph Steiner were using much larger cameras to push the boundaries of what photography could be.

Nima Veiseh’s photographic memory on display at HAZA

'Never before has someone known with hyperthymestic ability tried to create a timeline with paint.'

Eye in the sky: Mary Edna Fraser brings batiks on silk to Savannah

'Art can activate people to be involved and interact with climate change,' she says
CHARLESTON-BASED artist Mary Edna Fraser comes to One Hundred Miles this Friday to display her artwork and help raise awareness about change.

Cal Wood’s ten-year journey

'Transition: From One To The Next' kicks off Savannah State’s semester
Artist's first solo show displays a thoughtful progression of his style

Kevin Clancy: A ‘raging patriot’ beneath the provocative artist

Three-part exhibition on the American flag slated for this weekend
While seeing the flag dissembled is a little unnerving at first glance, it’s more of a psychological reaction

Trippin' out

The psychedelic experience at the Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return served as the inspiration for Gustafson’s first curated show


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