Iron Logic: Everett Mayo's exhibition up now at the Butcher

Iron Logic: Everett Mayo's exhibition up now at the Butcher

Fascinated by patterns for much of his life, Mayo saw beauty in the wrought-iron fences and gates around downtown.

Art in the Alley helps families in need

Shelley Smith's first piece of art benefited a woman in Haiti she kept in touch with through Facebook. The money helped her son, a talented artist, afford art classes for a month
FROM NOW through Christmas, the place to be on a Monday night is in the lane behind Circa 1875. Art in the Alley is as straightforward as it sounds: Every Monday evening, artists gather in the alley and paint.

A collector's passion

Everard Auctions holds sale of Arthur B. Kouwenhoven's extensive East Village collection
TO A beginner, art collecting can be daunting. The task of pairing works can seem complex and is often hit or miss, and the cost of some works is enough to leave people searching for a new hobby.

Hannah Alsdorf's battlefield

'From the Front Lines' speaks to women’s fight for equality
'We can’t blame everything that’s wrong in this world on men.'

Lisa D. Watson bridges the environment

‘Avanguardia’ opens Nov. 17 at the Jepson
TWO YEARS AGO, Telfair’s Erin Dunn and Rachel Reese visited Lisa D. Watson’s home for one of their #art912 studio tours.

5 Questions with Rafael Gomes

Guo Pei is one of the most important international designers working today. Many fashion aficionados are aware of the imperial yellow cape Rihanna wore to the 2015 Met Gala, but not as aware of the designer behind it.

Curating the curators

Jepson show explores Kirk Varnedoe’s ‘middle ground’
Triple Candie identifies as art historians, not curators, which continues their conversation of what curation really is—and what it can be

A year in a kennel

Lisa Rosenmeier’s pet portraits are up through Nov. 3
In October of last year, Rosenmeier began following two kennels at the Humane Society shelter and documented their personalities and painted their portraits for a full year

Somewhere over the rainbow

Location Gallery at LGBT Center hosts exhibition for PRIDE
Seven artists produced work in the seven different colors of the rainbow, focusing on the range between colors

Geoff L. Johnson: Tripping over history

‘Then Is Now’ features scenes of coastal Georgia
GEOFF L. JOHNSON knows his way around these parts. From attending SCAD for photography in the ‘90s to scouting locations for photo shoots, Johnson’s knowledge of the coastal Georgia region is extensive.

PULP Nonfiction

Savannah Zine Fest put on by new independent bookseller
'My aesthetic is anything that fascinates or offends'


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