'Jewels from the Past' opens at Roots Up

'Jewels from the Past' opens at Roots Up

Betty Nathan’s collage collection inspires awe
As you look closer at the display, which includes a whopping 170 pieces, the sheer size of the show starts to get overwhelming

Redrawing the lines

Ymke Franssen and Harry Dean Werner curate show for East and Up
THERE’S ART on the walls again at 6 East Liberty. Roots Up left that spot last year, making way for Mamie Ruth’s Emily Bargeron to open East and Up, a vintage clothing and accessories store.

Bert John's point of view

'Viewpoints' up at LGBT Center
John’s dreamy marsh paintings with gold and silver leaf corners are sought after for collections across the country

Ansley's Rivers

‘Seven Rivers’ examines and appreciates our waterway
The project began five years ago, when Rivers traveled across the country to photograph the Colorado, Missouri/Mississippi, Columbia, Rio Grande, Tuolumne, Altamaha, and Hudson Rivers.

deFINE Art: Melissa Spitz

Photographer and SCAD alum looks at mental health in her mother
“You Have Nothing to Worry About” doesn’t restrict itself emotionally. Portraits of her mother hang next to pill stashes and punched holes in walls. We see Adams bruised after a fall, holding a gun, smiling with her family.

Paul Stephen Benjamin’s exhibition explores black identity

Benjamin presents video from two different eras to focus on the time between. What has changed between 1939 and 2015?

Bridget Conn’s search for identity

‘All Hexed Up’ up now at Starland Café
Conn saved each tea bag she used in the morning to create works like “Quiet."

Carrie Mae Weems' reclamation

‘Sea Island Series: 1991-1992’ explores African-American identity, Gullah-Geechee culture
By photographing the daguerreotypes years later, Weems restores power, agency, and dignity to the subjects. That, in essence, is what Weems’ “Sea Island Series: 1991-1992” is all about.

Beacons of light

Installation at Ships of the Sea goes up this weekend
THIS FRIDAY, nautical lanterns will light the North Garden at Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. “Beacons” is a multifaceted installation dreamed up by Karen McVay Butch and Martha Enzmann, longtime friends and collaborators.

Henry Dean looks in the Margins

'Specifically my work is addressing landscape and environment and in a very real way, it's getting into the environment.'

Art in 2017: What we liked, what we didn’t...

... and what we’re excited for in 2018
I’VE BEEN writing this art column for a year, and what a year it’s been in this artsy town of ours. Good Stuff


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