Honoring elders through art

Honoring elders through art

Les Wilkes’ ten-year photography retrospective opens at Hospice Savannah this weekend
'I feel like after all these years, I finally found something I really like to do'

The art of Bonaventure

Telfair Museums show at the Jepson Center examines artistic history of beloved local burial ground
The city of Savannah purchased Bonaventure in 1907 and the adjacent Greenwich in 1937

Arts on the Coast hosts annual juried exhibition

At final count, there were 31 entries, all from local artists.

A day at the museum

While taking a day at the SCAD Museum of Art might not be Bey and Jay level, there’s still plenty of reason to show love to our own local institutions

Sea change

Ships of the Sea hosts Making Waves community conversation June 15
Making Waves at Ships of the Sea sets out to show us that a drop in the bucket can still fill it up, drop by drop.

Holiday road

'The Open Road' celebrates the American road trip
CLARK GRISWOLD wasn’t the first dad to drag his family on a road trip, and he certainly won’t be the last. “The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip” is a collection of over 100 photographs, curated by David Campany and Denise Wolff and organized for display at the Jepson by assistant curator Erin Dunn of the Telfair Museums.

Broad stripes and bright stars

Sheila Pree Bright’s Young Americans comes to the Jepson
The notion of the American flag being used as a symbol for a political ideology is perhaps even more relevant today than it was in 2006

Weekend forecast: Artsy

Almost every gallery in town is booked for this weekend. How will you ever see it all?

The Habit of Being

Flannery O'Connor and 'Southern Discomfort'
With so much artistic freedom to dive into Flannery and her work, the art is impressively varied

Toni-Lyn Keller speaks out

‘Hush’ on view at In Vino Veritas
'I want [Hush] to be an experience that’s beautiful and makes people think'

Betsy Cain’s saturation

Her new show presents a variety of different methods Cain uses in her paintings, including some experimentation
BETSY CAIN has lived on the edge of the marsh on Wilmington Island for over twenty years.


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