Cult of positivity

Cult of positivity

‘I Don’t Mind’ up for two days only at Sulfur
'I’ve been doing a lot with how people handle grief and how it affects your mental health'

Lanes of Savannah: The artistic path less traveled

'Between' fits in perfectly with the Davenport House’s new initiative to tell the story of Savannah’s lanes

Love your Mother Earth

Fifth annual ISCAP art show and sale takes place this weekend
Now in its fifth year, ISCAP invites artists of all ages and skill levels to create art inspired by the climate, which Anderson notes is not held to a strict definition

Heading 'North of Victory'

Savannah’s signage gets the spotlight at the Sentient Bean
The four artists represented in the exhibition are Jimmie Williams, Leonard Miller Marcus Polite, and William Pleasant. Of those four, Williams is the only painter still living.

Cynthia Knott crosses the horizons

Exhibition at Ships of the Sea celebrates Scarbrough House’s big 2-0-0
'Scarbrough was an artist, a philosopher, a daydreamer, an eccentric'

High in the sky with Tim Foster

‘For the Birds’ on view now through Jan. 24
Foster puts those rappelling skills to use in his photography, climbing the downtown buildings to capture a unique view of Savannah’s skyline

Urban Jupena’s talent on display

The celebrated artist shows nearly 50 years of fiber work at the JEA
THIS MONTH’S exhibition at the Jewish Educational Alliance is an impressive display of fiber art that spans nearly 50 years.

Art in Savannah: A look back, and a peek forward

A few New Years Resolutions for the local arts community
THE year’s end is a time for reflection.

Think big, work small

SCAD’s annual favorite exhibition on display
SCAD’s “Small Works” is a yearly favorite for both its moderate prices and exceptional talent coming out of the university

Tamara Garvey's whimsy on display at Gallery Espresso

Garvey’s work is whimsical and cute, and she loves creating that feeling of delight through her work

HAZA does Basel

HAZA is showing work during Art Basel Miami, which is no small feat


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