A quarter century of making marks

A quarter century of making marks

'I Have Marks to Make' has consistently provided an artistic outlet for our community’s most vulnerable members, which DeLorme is proud of

Getting ‘Inked’ at Hen House

Ironically, Berzins had been a student of Bartone’s back in the day, but that’s about as far as the connection goes on first look

Five years of change

W.W. Law collection from 1960-65 goes on view at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center
Law’s full collection of over 4,000 photographs, taken from 1868 to 2002, was curated for the exhibit by Spracher and former Savannah mayor Dr. Otis Johnson, who was a part of the civil rights movement

Dime Store Red: ‘A big, crazy moonshot’

Pop-up installation goes on view this Thursday
Everything about Dime Store Red is strategic and intentional, right down to its name

A whale of an exhibition

‘Summon the Sea’ at the Jepson Center considers ‘Moby Dick’ through a contemporary lens
Lowe created the sculpture, which clocks in at 800 pounds and 9,000 square feet of felt, with industrial quarter-inch felt

Angela Burson's still life

‘Peep Show’ on view at Location Gallery
Burson builds a fantasy still life around real-life objects

Accessible art for all

The 2201 is Savannah's latest unique art showing space
With The 2201, Reidy is killing several birds with one proverbial stone and offering a space to let the artist do, essentially, whatever they want

Showgirls at Cedar House

Shaye Garrigan’s first artist residency expands on her drag portraiture series
In 'The Rest is All Drag,' Garrigan uses Styrofoam heads in sculpture to accompany a portrait series of drag queens as fashion icons from the 1960s

Laugh a little

Jorge Montero’s new exhibition on view at Cork House Gallery
A graphic designer and SCAD professor by day, Montero found some old canvases in his garage and decided to work out some new material

Eleven artists, eleven lives

Community art event seeks to make a real difference
Each artist has chosen a person to directly benefit from their sales; beneficiaries range from an anonymous homeless man to a lifelong youth advocate

Savannah Art Association celebrates Forrest Gump’s 25th

Beginning Oct. 1 and continuing through the rest of the year, the SAA Gallery hosts a Gump-themed exhibition in its member room


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