Showgirls at Cedar House

Showgirls at Cedar House

Shaye Garrigan’s first artist residency expands on her drag portraiture series
In 'The Rest is All Drag,' Garrigan uses Styrofoam heads in sculpture to accompany a portrait series of drag queens as fashion icons from the 1960s

Laugh a little

Jorge Montero’s new exhibition on view at Cork House Gallery
A graphic designer and SCAD professor by day, Montero found some old canvases in his garage and decided to work out some new material

Eleven artists, eleven lives

Community art event seeks to make a real difference
Each artist has chosen a person to directly benefit from their sales; beneficiaries range from an anonymous homeless man to a lifelong youth advocate

Savannah Art Association celebrates Forrest Gump’s 25th

Beginning Oct. 1 and continuing through the rest of the year, the SAA Gallery hosts a Gump-themed exhibition in its member room

Connecting us through art

‘Drawing Connections’ on view at Drawing Room Gallery at Starland Studios
The artists came up with the title of the show first, allowing the words to direct their work

Slow build

Matt Toole’s show goes up at Gallery F.A.R.
GROWING UP on Wilmington Island, Matt Toole has always been creating. As a kid, he’d make swords out of sticks and play street hockey with palm fronds.

Considering our connectivity

'Entanglements' on view now at Laney Contemporary
Young and Messina were glad to co-curate for the first time and establish more dynamic, creative pathways between Savannah and Atlanta

Talking painting with Thomas Mitz

'Every step in my career has led me to something else.'

Rivers run through us

Jepson Center exhibits two bodies of work about our watersheds
Kolster’s inspiration came, literally, from his own backyard: his former studio overlooked the Androscoggin River

BS3: Perez and Wandzel present third version of ongoing project

Memory, momentum and creativity collide in project on display at Sulfur Studios
THE IDEA behind BS3 is one of community. In its first iteration, 2016’s BrainStorm, the focus was on shared process.

Toni Hazel’s abstract spiritualism

The paintings use primary colors and geometric shapes to evoke a specific reaction in the viewer


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