Art by SCAD artist residing in Amsterdam brings local walls of Gallery Espresso to life

Art by Fermin Uriz on the walls at Gallery Espresso.
Fermin Uriz comes from a bloodline that has been involved in arts and design for decades. He is originally from Cordoba, Argentina. However, he is currently living in Amsterdam pursuing an internship with Iris van Herpen while also being involved with an internship in Atlanta for NanoResearch, Inc.

His art, however, is currently on display on the walls of Gallery Espresso at 234 Bull St., near Chippewa Square. Jessica Barnill, art director for the shop invites community members to visit the café and enjoy the diverse culture of Savannah and the many artists that thrive in the community, like Uriz who will be featured in Gallery Espresso through May 31.

click to enlarge Art by Fermin Uriz on the walls at Gallery Espresso. - PHOTO COURTESY OF FERMIN URIZ
Photo courtesy of Fermin Uriz
Art by Fermin Uriz on the walls at Gallery Espresso.
Uriz’s family has consisted of architects, engineers, graphic designers, painters and sculptors. Uriz said he often reflects on how fine of an artist his father was. He can remember how as a kid his father would make him and his brother sit down and draw for a little bit almost every day.

His father is his biggest influence, he said, along with nature. Uriz’s father is a self-taught, award-winning artist. “I always did admire my father’s playful interpretations of the world,” Uriz said. “The most valuable thing my father taught me was that you can find inspiration in everything, it is a matter of whether you have the vision to imagine possibilities for anything.”

Uriz’s exposure to art as a kid led him to continue onward with his education in middle and high school. Uriz attended an art school where he had more time to experiment with ideas in various mediums; drawing, ceramic, paper, wood, wire and everything in between. Later in high school, he started to find himself. He combined all these skills he learned and ended up diving into fine art, mixed with media sculpture. “I never would have thought those drawing days as a kid would lead me in perusing a serious career in any creative study until I had the chance to tour the Savannah College of Art and Design,” he said. “It changed my whole perspective of what my future held. It changed my life.”

Now reflecting, Uriz feels completely fulfilled with his career and needs a symbiotic balance between art and design. He allows his viewers to have their own experience with his work rather than tell them what it means to him.

“My work does not have any direct message, rather I want my viewers to find inspiration in my work and imagine possibilities,” he said.

Therefore, he does not price his work; he likes to say artwork prices itself.

Uriz believes every piece is a new experience and that the process is constantly changing.

“Make it a bit unpredictable and spontaneous, like life,” he said.

He does not follow trends because they are temporary, he said. He feels as though one is always behind trying to catch up to them.

Developing a piece takes time to cultivate, therefore, each one of his ideas has its timeline. “When you are passionate about your work, the process comes naturally,” Uriz said. He defines success as a feeling of confidence, having proper love and support; being the architect of his own life. He believes you should be at peace with yourself and inspire others throughout your journey.

“Do not let your voice be stifled by others’ preconceived notions,” he said.

click to enlarge Art by Fermin Uriz on the walls at Gallery Espresso. - PHOTO COURTESY OF FERMIN URIZ
Photo courtesy of Fermin Uriz
Art by Fermin Uriz on the walls at Gallery Espresso.
Uriz’s favorite quote is “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm,” by Winston Churchill. He has learned throughout many failures that you must be open to all possibilities and that you must be humble, and you must be hungry. Uriz believes that he can redesign the whole world around him, imagining and producing his dreams into reality.

Which is the best thing about being an artist. He hopes to inspire many more to be creative and find their voice through various outlets.

In the future, Uriz would like to have a collaborative creative design studio with his peers that have inspired him. He is interested in the development of biomaterials, biomorphic design, and the overall merging of science, technology and art. He lives by the motto: Wake up. Kicka--. Be Kind. Repeat.

During the global pandemic, he has been fortunate enough to start many personal projects, which he hope to release soon. Aside from the walls at Gallery Espresso this month, art fans can find his work on his website,, or on Instagram @Franco_meench_.

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