Baby mama drama 

A woman became upset when her “baby daddy” refused to take their one-year-old son to an appointment with a lawyer.

An officer was dispatched to the scene on a report of a person with a knife. The officer arrived at Atkinson Avenue and Hale Street, did pat-downs on the man and the woman, and determined there was no knife.

The woman said she and her boyfriend fought, but there were no threats or physical violence. The man said the argument was just an argument, and the woman didn’t touch him or make any threats.

The officer checked on the welfare of the couple’s children and determined they were fine and in good health. There were no visible injuries or either the man or woman.

• A Jordan Drive resident called police to report that her son had broken her front window.

The woman told an officer that her son had called her and said he was on his way home. She told him he wasn’t allowed to go back to her house because he is disrespectful to her. She said her son came to the house anyway and banged on the front door, trying to gain entry. When the woman told him to go away, she said he broke the front window with his hand.

By the time the officer arrived, the suspect was gone. The officer could see lots of blood and glass on the front entryway, and the blood trail went to the street and stopped. The woman said she didn’t want to have her son arrested, she just wanted him to replace the front window. She was given a case report number card.

• The L.L. Bean company notified a local woman to inform her her credit card number had been stolen online.

Two charges were made on the card. The first was made to Urban Outfitters in the amount of $328.39, which resulted in a shipment to Africa.

A second charge was made to Urban Outfitters and also was supposed to be shipped to Africa, but that shipment was stopped. The woman’s husband spoke with a police detective, who advised the couple to make a police report.

•An officer was sent to an East 69th Street home on a report of a domestic dispute.

When the officer arrived, a woman at the scene said she called police because her husband was “freaking out” and raising his voice. She said her husband hadn’t taken the medicine he needs to prevent seizures, and said he acts that way when he forgets to take the medicine.

The man said he had been laying bricks all day in the heat. He said when he got home, he started to get confused.

His wife said she checked with family members and learned her husband hadn’t taken his medication. She called police because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get him calmed down, but as soon as she gave him his medication, he calmed down immediately.

• The owner of a fast-food restaurant on Montgomery Cross Road was operating pressure-washing equipment on the parking lot when two men walked up on foot and brandished pistols.

One of the men said, “Give me the dollars” and made the victim sit down on the concrete next to the store. The other suspect went to the victim’s truck.

The victim’s dog, a pit bull, was inside the vehicle and seemed to scare the suspects. One told the victim, “I’m gonna be nice to you today and not take your truck.”

The man was robbed of about $50 in cash but was not injured. The suspects told him to lie under his vehicle, then they walked away.

Security video from the restaurant was provided to police. Two officers recognized one of the suspects from the video.

• A Wesley Street resident told police that her neighbor had been shouting threats at her son when he walked by her house on his way to the store. She said her son uses the public sidewalk when he passes the woman’s residence.

The neighbor denied making verbal threats, but said that the woman’s son has been walking through her yard after being told repeatedly to stay off the property. She said she has filed three police reports in reference to the woman’s son.

Both parties were given case report number cards and advised on warrant procedures.



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