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At the onset of the global pandemic, Victor Solis and his wife Becky Solis had a heart-to-heart.

“I said, ‘there’s going to be two types of people who come out of this pandemic: People who just got through it or people who come out successful,’” recalled Victor.

Victor and Becky decided that they were going to be successful.

Victor on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Becky on lead vocals, and Matt Daggett on lead guitar and backing vocals make the eclectic, indie-rock band, Keystone Postcard and this year’s Best Band by Connect Savannah.

“It’s kind of surreal,” Victor said. “We went from the lowest point to winning and award.”

As full-time musicians, it would have been easy for Victor, Becky and the band to quit. Instead, they got innovative and started livestreaming shows that they played in their driveway.

“While everything was shut down, we were like, well, we have all of our gear, so we set up all of our gear in our driveway and playing,” Victor said. “People started to really enjoy it, so we started live streaming them on Facebook and playing shows twice a week.”

The first couple of videos had hundreds of shares and over 10,000 views. Then, WJCL and WTOC did a piece on the locally acclaimed and aptly named “Driveway Concerts.” The stories got picked up over and over again by news stations all over the country and eventually, that translated into Facebook followers from all across the U.S.

“It just blossomed,” Victor said. “We went viral.”

The band started doing YouTube videos every day and posting regularly on Facebook, which allowed fans and followers to further connect with them. Becky and Victor weren’t just fabled musicians living the tortured, artist life from their hip, Savannah apartment. They were a mom and dad cramming music gear and video equipment into their garage at 2 a.m. while their almost 2-year old and almost 5-year old slept.

“The videos and responding to comments would take hours, but we were getting so much of a response that we felt like we had to keep it up,” Becky said. “During a time where people didn’t have dependability on anything else, they could rely on us.”

Once things started opening up and the band started playing live again, the pair noticed that people who were fans of the band’s live streams were coming out to shows.

“People would tell us that we got them through the pandemic,” Becky said.

Keystone Postcard has capitalized on their “viral” success.

They boast over 1.9K followers on Facebook, have a slew of live shows coming up, and are planning on releasing a new album titled, “This Time,” exclusively on their new website as of May 13.

“The pandemic made us realize the value in what we do and who we are as people and musicians,” Victor said.

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