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No matter how rich or famous you are, there's no such thing as happiness when you're suffering from a bad back.

Maintaining his reign as your choice for Best Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Whelan has been gently aligning spines for 19 years at his busy downtown practice (and occasionally on the beach.) He credits his practice’s popularity to his colleagues, Dr. Lyle Myers and Dr. Erin Todd, who help him treat Savannah’s sciatica, pain and traumatic injuries with gentle hands. Dr. Whelan also praises his seasoned office staff that keeps the patient load moving smoothly as a healthy hip joint.

“Yolanda, Tammy, Barbie, and Kenna have been with me for almost 17 years,” says Dr. Whelan of his loyal support team.

A Villanova alum who trained at Life University in Marietta, GA, Dr. Whelan also volunteers as a swim coach at the JEA and has provided free physicals for the Special Olympics.

“I think I have the best job in the world because I am able to help many people on a daily basis with great success,” says Dr. Whelan.

Being Savannah’s favorite adjuster also comes with occasional glamorous perks: Last fall when the cast of Magic Mike XXL was in town filming the blockbuster sequel, Dr. Whelan’s office got a call from its hunky star (and Best Celebrity Sighting of 2015), Channing Tatum. The movie idol found relief for his sore spots on the chiropractic table, just like the rest of us!

“He was a really down to earth and funny guy,” reports Dr. Whelan.

“I guess all those dance moves can be pretty tough on the back!”—Jessica Leigh Lebos

Runner-up: Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic

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