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If on any given weekend night, you have seen the line that wraps around the block of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., then it should be no surprise that Lulu’s Chocolate Bar has earned three of “Connect Savannah’s Best Of” Awards.

Co-Owner Janine Finn is proud of the awards: “Lulu’s definitely feels the love from our Savannah community. Of course, we are always thrilled when we win Best Desserts and Best Martinis, but it is especially sweet that we won Best Wait Staff when we were only open for indoor dining for six weeks once the pandemic happened. We feel very blessed and appreciated.”

The first award is Best Wait Staff. The key to a great server is being attentive but unnoticed, and LuLu’s seems to have perfected the science. Rain or shine, night or day, busy or slow, customers know that LuLu’s waiters will always have a smile on their face.

Best Martini is the second award for Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. I am no expert at deciphering martinis, but I do know what it takes to make it right. Stirred and not shaken as to avoid the drink being too watered down, which is contrary to the popular spy saying. If you are going with a classic version, it needs to be dry.

But Lulu’s put themselves on the martini map by creating and selling an array of decedent variations. My favorite of a long list of stirred cocktails is the Espresso Martini. I find that a bitter, yet boozy pick-me-up is the perfect companion to any of their luscious desserts.

Finally, and it goes without saying, Lulu’s has been dubbed Best Desserts. You shouldn’t make it your namesake if it can’t be held true. It would take me multiple pages to name which dessert is truly best, so I encourage you to decide for yourself. Whether it is a sumptuous slice of Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie or a velvety portion of Chai Cheesecake, I am positive that you will also declare Lulu’s your personal best dessert destination.

If you want to pop into the award-winning spot, Finn says, “Lulu’s will finally reopen for limited inside dining again this month. We will open it up to full inside dining once we are fully staffed again. We are still looking for awesome people to join our team.”

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