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Northwest Exterminating

When it comes to roaches, rats, mosquitoes, termites and other unwelcome tenants, most of us are willing to endure a little poison if it means getting rid of them for good.

Turns out the toxic stuff isn’t necessary: Northwest Exterminating manages to banish even the sneakiest pests using only plant-derived ingredients that don’t have negative impacts on the environment or our health.

Using the biology of the bug or animal in question, highly-trained professionals also explore alternative techniques to drive the critters away, from habit modification to exclusion to food source reduction. This integrated approach not only expels the vexing creatures but corrects the environment to help prevent problems before they start.

“Every company has a different definition for what green is,” explains Christie Lautsch, Northwest’s director of marketing and advertising.

“We utilize many different techniques to create healthier living and working environments for homes and businesses.”  

Founded in 1951 by L.A. and Emma Lene Phillips, the Atlanta-based company is on its third generation of family leadership and has expanded its services throughout Georgia and Tennessee, including an office in Pooler. Our local Northwest Exterminating service providers are well-equipped to handle every type of varmint from ticks to snakes to scorpions, which gives us the willies just typing.

It’s terrible enough to encounter such a problem creature in one’s own home, but at least we can sleep knowing we don’t have to be harmed by the solution.

“At Northwest, we believe that creating a healthier living and working environment is not a choice but our responsibility to our customers, community, and team,” says Lautsch.

“It is our commitment to do what is right as we develop green solutions, protect health and solve problems while enhancing the lives of those we serve.”

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Runner-up: Brighter Day Natural Foods

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