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Andrea Domanski

Part of Andrea Domanski’s success as a writer lies in the fact that she writes what she likes to read.

“I write what I like, and I love urban fantasy,” she gushes. “Anything that delves beneath what we see in the natural world. I love to imagine, what if this stuff was true?”

Exodus, the most recent release in Domanski’s “Omega” series, is an urban fantasy—meaning a fantasy story set in the real world—featuring a government agency whose purpose is to protect mankind from supernatural threats.

Exodus, I have to say, is my favorite book,” Domanski says. “It’s got a really cool character.”

Domanski, a Savannah resident for over twenty years, is what writers call a “pantser.”

“There are two types of writers—those who outline everything and know exactly what’s gonna happen when, and then there’s pantsers,” she explains. “We fly by the seat of our pants. I do a little outlining, but I like to keep it organic. The characters evolve as I go. I have an idea of who my character is, but where the story takes me can change. In every one of my books, I’ve done a 180 on something I was sure would be perfect, but as the story developed, it didn’t work as well. I like to have a little fluidity.” — Rachael Flora

Runner-up: Jose Ray

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