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The Stone Stairs of Death

WE'VE never seen instant domination in a category quite like this one. Soon after starting the page, Stone Stairs garnered Likes faster than your News Feed can show another shot of Kim Kardashian’s ass. Last year The Stone Stairs easily wrapped up this category, and this year the voting wasn’t even close.

While the page started off as a politically incorrect chronicle of “the Savannah Shitshow,” as it’s called in Stone Stairs verbiage, with daily pics of foolish tourists (“touronetards”) and downtown drunks (“douchetards”), the page has evolved into covering more actual issues, aggregating links about local politics and in the comments section promoting a vigorous dialogue.

You can tell the level of Stone Stairs’ increasing news-breaking notoriety by one metric: Local politicians who used to comment there now keep their mouths shut and enjoy it from afar, knowing that whatever they say on Stone Stairs will be broadcast far and wide. — Jim Morekis

Runner-up: Old Savannah Tours

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