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Adriana Iris Boatwright

Capturing a moment in a time during an era of reduced attention spans isn’t easy. With an eye for spontaneity honed by shooting live bands, Savannah photographer Adriana Iris Boatwright owns quite an impressive social media photography catalog. She also has a ton of magazine, fashion and travel work to her credit, as well as corporate assignments for Coca-Cola, H&M, Ghost Coast and Paramount Pictures. Readers apparently see what those paying clients see, voting her the best local photographer.

A Savannah pro since 2012, Boatright cites among the many advantages of freelancing in Savannah, “The ability to create with so many people in so many different areas. From reality TV to movie sets to live shows and weddings, I have had the honor to document many beautiful and honest moments.”

Boatwright also enjoys the freedom the freelance lifestyle affords her. Able to set up a virtual office almost anywhere, she can engage in many projects that exclusivity with a single employer wouldn’t allow. Her work shows how much she enjoys it. Boatwright’s Instagram account boasts thousands of bold photographs of thought-provoking subjects, heavy on color contrast, with interesting backdrops and vast quantities of human expression.

When notified she had won the Connect Savannah Best Photographer Award, Boatwright gushed about her city.

“I am absolutely blown away,” she said. “It is such an honor and I am so grateful. Savannah is the perfect canvas for any artist, and to be surrounded by its beauty and live in a community that encourages your work is a dream come true. I would like to thank Connect Savannah readers for encouraging me and supporting me along the way.”

Like most artists, the previous year was full of trepidation.

Her response was to simply power through it. She continued documenting her surroundings — with photography and writing — and kept up her freelance work for The Savannah Morning News and this publication, but creative projects and nonlocal publications took a backseat. She also contracted COVID-19 last year and continues to deal with a few lingering issues. Looking forward, she sees a packed schedule as demand for her work rises dramatically.

“I am turning my lens this summer towards Puerto Rico, hoping to capture the state of the island four years after Hurricane Maria,” she said. “Also, the fashion world is once again trying to ramp up. So, as we speak, I am fully booked until New Year’s Eve.”

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