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If you live in Savannah and haven’t eaten at Zunzi’s by now, you are well behind the times (and you need to catch up). When it comes to food, Zunzi’s is one of those spots that put Savannah on the map. The Conquistador conquered the culinary sector and has even been named the best sandwich by People Magazine.

In yet another race, Connect Savannah’s Best Sandwich Shop, Zunzi’s swept the competition under the rug—deservedly so.

Owner Chris Smith is thrilled to once again be recognized.

“Anytime we are in the running for a ‘Best of’ award, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘SHIT YEAH!’ Our team works incredible hard, and they deserve every accolade they get!”

For the select few that overlooked such a corner stone of the Low Country, please allow me to pique your appetite. Please also allow me to warn you that you will need a rather large one if you plan on dining at Zunzi’s; The Conquistador is aptly named for its vanquishing of voraciousness. Sitting between two blimp-sized slices of French bread is the restaurant’s signature South African chicken, crisp lettuce, provolone and parmesan. The sandwich sounds simple enough, but everyone knows the magic lies in a heavy dosing of the special Zunzi’s Sauce and Zuni’s Dressing.

Because sometimes a change in pace is needed, my most recent favorite is the Spread and Pita plate. For the plate you can select up to four different dips, Curry Chicken Salad, Hummus, Avocado, or Ziki, to eat with a heaping of warm tender pita bread, spicy red onion, earthy sliced tomato, and refreshing cucumber. The glorious thing about this version of Zunzi’s classic offerings is that you get it all on one generous plate. A dip here with pita, or a smear there with cucumber and your senses are taken on a roller-coaster of redolence.

For those who have eaten Zunzi’s enough times to be considered a regular, the idea of trying Zunzi’s as a new iteration is mind-blowing. According to Smith, “Zunzi’s is entering a new chapter. … Later this month we will be moving to 236 Drayton St. and opening Zunzibar right next door. Now you will be able to get your favorite Zunzi’s sandwich while you sip on a beach beer, frozen daiquiri or cocktail.”

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