A woman called police after her alcoholic husband cut the power wires to their home’s air conditioning unit, as well as the cable television wire. She said her husband also had pulled the fuse from the power box of the air conditioning unit. She said “this is not the first time that he had done something like that.” She said usually he pulls the fuse from the air conditioning power box and unscrews the cable connections from the outside box.

She said “her husband was drunk and was still drinking the next morning” when she left their residence to go to work. Everything in the house was working properly when she left, the woman said. The man didn’t go to work, and called the woman at her job later that day. She said she could tell he was drunk because his words were slurred. She told him to “go sleep it off” and ended the conversation.

When she returned home that evening, she found the temperature inside the house was 92 degrees and the cable on the television was not working. She then found her husband passed out on the couch with a fan blowing on him. The woman went outside to plug the fuse back into the air conditioning unit, but found that the power wires had been cut. She then walked to the other side of the house to the cable box and found the cable television wire pulled out of the ground and cut. She told the officer she didn’t want to prosecute her husband, she just wanted to make a police report. She then left the house with her children to stay at a friend’s house.



• While on routine patrol, an officer saw five or six people standing and sitting in front of an address on 32nd Street. The people were asked if they lived there.The officer noticed one man in the group begin to walk away with a white trash bag that contained a large, unknown object. The man was stopped at Jefferson and 31st streets, where the officer learned the trash bag contained a DVD/VCR combo player.

The suspect said at first that he was hungry and was attempting to get some money for food. He then said that the DVD/VCR was his, but he couldn’t provide a reason as to why he had it in the trash bag. Although he gave a name and date of birth, the man couldn’t provide a picture ID. He did have a medical card with his name on it.

The man then became vulgar and began using curse words and told the officer that he was trying to get drugs with the DVD/VCR. He was arrested and charged with loitering, prowling and disorderly conduct.


• An officer responded to a Cottondale Road residence, where he was met by a man who told him that he and the mother of his children were arguing and she had struck him in the back. The man said the woman was only a guest in his house and that he wanted her to leave.

After further investigation, the officer learned that the woman had in fact been living at the residence for the past three months, and that she had lived there on previous occasions. The officer advised the man that the woman wasn’t being placed under airiest for simple battery because a red mark on his back did not appear to have been caused by the slap of a hand.



• Police were called to meet with a 15-year-old boy and his mother. The boy’s mother said her son told her he was going to “shoot you with my nine” if she threw him out of her house.

Two officers had a long conversation with the boy about his behavior towards his mother and her boyfriend. They also spoke to him about his goals in life.

The boy’s mother said she was going to throw the boy out of the house. An officer advised her that if she wanted him to stay with someone else, then she would need to make arrangements.

However, if she threw the boy out with nowhere to go, she could face child abandonment charges. The boy said he never threatened his mother and that he feels unloved and unappreciated. He also said his mother was upset because “he called her boyfriend a clown.”  ƒç



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