While leaving the Bryan Street parking garage, an officer observed a pickup truck traveling down the ramp without its headlights on.

The vehicle turned the wrong way and attempted to exit on the Drayton Street side. The area was clearly marked that it was not a regular exit.

The officer got on his P.A. and told the driver he was going the wrong way. The man was slow to respond and nearly backed into the officer’s vehicle, so the officer turned on the blue lights and approached the truck.

When the officer attempted to speak to the man, he said, “I’m sorry, officer, I’m drunk.” The officer detected a strong odor of alcohol about the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

The driver’s eyes were red and glassy. He was told to step out of the truck and walk to the officer’s vehicle. The man said he had someone on his cell phone who could come pick him up. The officer replied, “No, they can pick up the truck.” The man said, “Oh, well, I know I’m drunk, so let’s go to jail.” The officer told him to calm down and explained why he was stopped.

The officer asked the man, “Why were you driving?” The man said it was because neither of his passengers could think about driving, but he was “stupid enough to drive.”

The officer replied, “You couldn’t call a cab?” to which the man responded that he’d been trying to call a friend, but she didn’t respond to his calls until he was leaving. At that point, one of the man’s friends staggered out of the vehicle and was told to get back inside the truck.

The driver asked if he could park the truck and the three of them walk home, and was told that he shouldn’t have been driving. The man agreed. At that point, one of the man’s friends started the truck. The officer told him to shut it off.

During the conversation, the officer noticed the strong odor of alcohol coming from the man’s breath. He asked him, “How much have you had to drink today?” The man replied, “I’ve had too much.” The officer asked, “How much is too much?” The man said, “I’ve been here since 10:30 p.m. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m drunk. I’m not going to bulls--t you.”

The man was then asked, “How long has it been since you had your last drink?” He replied that he had eaten pizza and it had been longer than 45 minutes since he’d had a drink.

At that point, the officer asked the man if he would be willing to be tested for alcohol. The man failed a breathalyzer test and was arrested.



• An officer was working off-duty at a local mall when he was flagged down by two women. One of the women was talking on a cell phone. She also was holding a small tape recorder and had the phone on speaker.

The officer could hear a very upset male voice on the other end. The woman also was upset, and continued to talk on the phone and record the conversation. The other woman told the officer that the woman was speaking to her ex-husband, and that he was threatening her. She was recording the conversation in case he harmed her at a later time.

After the phone conversation was over, the woman said her ex had done physical harm to her in the past, but she hadn’t reported it. She was afraid that he would hurt her again. Both women said the man had told her he would take her to court, that “something” would happen to her and that she “will pay for it.” She said she had taken out a restraining order on him in the past, and the officer advised her to do it again.

The officer also told the woman to keep recording future phone calls to use as evidence. She was given a case report number, as well.


An officer was called to an area of Quacco Road in reference to a suspicious vehicle.

Upon arrival, the officer saw the vehicle appeared to be unsecured and abandoned. It was checked for owner verification and to make sure it wasn’t stolen, and the vehicle came back clear.

The vehicle was owned by a local car rental agency. A rental agreement was retrieved through the passenger side window. Contact was made with the company, which was advised of the vehicle’s location and current situation.ƒnƒç






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