Two 14-year-old boys  were arrested this past Monday for their alleged involvement with a homemade bomb that was found on the campus of the Savannah Country Day School Nov. 18. Charged with “manufacturing and possessing an explosive device,” the two surrendered without incident on the advice of their attorneys. Each is also charged with possession of a weapon on school property and reckless conduct. (It is local police policy not to release the names of juveniles.) The pair had already been expelled from Savannah Country Day. Police arrived on the scene shortly after 3:30 p.m. Saturday Nov. 18, where school officials presented a device contained in a brown paper bag. An investigation revealed that the device had been manufactured and taken to school on Nov. 15 by one student and given to another. Officers summoned the Bomb Disposal Unit along with Savannah Fire and Southside EMS. The device was removed from the campus and taken to a location, where technicians rendered it safe. Detectives then questioned several Country Day students implicated by school officials in connection with the device.


• Police were called to a residence in reference to a domestic dispute. An officer spoke with a man, his wife and his brother about an altercation. The wife said her husband had returned home and she asked him where he’d been. She said they got into a verbal argument that turned violent. She said the man grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground saying, “Bitch, don’t worry about where I’ve been.”

The woman attempted to leave the house, but her husband followed. She said he grabbed her by the arms and face, then again grabbed her by the hair and began pulling her to the concrete. The man said he was asleep in the bedroom when his wife entered and jumped on  him. He said she grabbed him by the back of the neck and scratched his back.

He said his wife began striking herself in the face, saying, “I’m going to call the police and you’ll go to jail.” The man then went up to his brother’s room when she began striking herself. The man said his wife followed him upstairs and continued striking herself, saying, “You are going to jail, watch and see.” The brother told the officer that the woman had been yelling at her husband when they came upstairs. Both the man and his wife were arrested and charged with simple battery.


• The owner of a Hodgson Memorial Drive business told police that he had hired his friend and roommate to work at the business. He said his friend stole $2,670 with a bank card and $340 in forged checks. He said the suspect was given a bank card to make purchases for the business.

The victim said the suspect was only supposed to use the bank card when he was told to. He said the suspect was given the PIN number so he could use it at those times. However, the suspect made unauthorized purchases and withdrawals with the bank card. He also used the company checkbook, which was kept in a drawer at the reception desk. The victim said the suspect had written three company checks to himself and forged the victim’s signature. He said he was told that the suspect is now in a drug rehabilitation facility in South Carolina, but doesn’t know where it is.


• A woman told police she was trying to use a bank ATM on Waters Avenue when her husband came walking up and grabbed her ATM card so she couldn’t get any money out of the bank. The man then held her daughter in his arms so she wouldn’t leave, so she called the police. When the police arrived, the man was using his cell phone, standing beside the car the victim was sitting in. When she saw the police, she opened the driver’s side and got out.

The woman said she wanted to leave and didn’t want the suspect inside the vehicle with her because he makes her feel uneasy. She told police she was afraid he would try to do something to hurt her.


• Police were called to an East 42nd Street address because of a domestic dispute. A man and his girlfriend began arguing because he wouldn’t give her cell phone back. She got mad and threw a toy truck at him, hitting him in the face.

The woman then threw a curtain rod at the man. He in turn smashed her cell phone on the ground. Both were arrested and transported to the Chatham County Detention Center. The woman was charged with simple battery and domestic violence and her boyfriend was charged with criminal trespass and domestic violence. č

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