SCAD security officers confiscated marijuana and drug paraphernalia from a school dormitory.

Found in the room were a plastic bag containing a very small amount of marijuana, less than an ounce. Marijuana smoking pipes, a gold pipe attachment and a plastic container also were found.

The SCAD officers told police that someone had told them that marijuana could be in the room. When they followed up on the tip, they found the items and numerous bottles of alcoholic beverages.


• A man was standing in the back yard of his house on Texas Avenue when he noticed an orange extension cord running from his house to the house next door. He then saw a man in the other yard. When the suspect realized the man had noticed the extension cord, he started pulling it towards him.

The first man stepped on the cord and told the suspect he was calling the police. The suspect told him that he had been told it was okay for him to get electricity from the neighbor’s house. When police investigated, they learned that the suspect didn’t live in the house next door. When the rightful owner returned, he discovered that his back door had been damaged and a washing machine was missing. The homeowner also found more damage inside the house. When he checked his storage shed, he saw that several items had been taken from it, as well.


• The owner of a bar on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard reported to police that the bar’s cash register was short. When she questioned an employee about this, he said he would pay the money back. She said that she left the man alone at the bar to run some errands, and when she returned, she discovered he had left the bar open and unlocked. The man also left a note saying that he was quitting the job and that he hadn’t stolen anything. She said he had told her he had just moved to town two weeks ago, that he didn’t have a place to live and didn’t know anyone here. The woman said she learned later that not only was the man originally from Savannah, he had worked for another bar, but had been let go after some money was stolen there. She said she wanted to press charges, and provided the name of a third bar the man is known to frequent. When the police did a background check on the suspect, they learned he is on active intensive supervision probation for earlier offenses.


• A Savannah College of Art and Design student left her bicycle outside Jen library in the bicycle rack, and when she returned, it was gone. The student said she didn’t have a lock for the bicycle because the SCAD store doesn’t sell locks on the weekend. A concerned citizen had reported to SCAD security earlier that same day that someone had stolen two bicycles from the same area.  He said he saw two young men load two bicycles into the back of a pickup truck and drive away. No one at the library during that time reported a theft and no victim was located at that time.


• A man walked into a local retail store and asked if the store had any Spanish movies. One of the employees told him no, and directed him to the part of the store where the movies were. The suspect went to that area of the store and moved the movies around and picked up two of them.

Another employee heard the door chime and realized that the man had stolen the movies. She said she went outside the store and saw a second man, who yelled at the suspect to run. She said she chased the suspect across Derenne Avenue where he jumped a fence. She said the two men were not together, although the man who encouraged the suspect to run tried to go into the store with a tire iron in his hand.


• An officer was dispatched to an apartment on Johnny Mercer Boulevard on a report of forgery. A woman said while she was out of town, she gave a key to a friend, who was supposed to care for her dog while she was gone. After her return, she received her bank statement and noticed a check out of sequence.

The check had been made out to “Cash” for $100. The woman told police the signature on the check was not hers. The check was endorsed by the suspect and cashed at a bank. The victim determined that the check had been removed from an unused book of checks stored in her kitchen.

The victim saw the suspect’s boyfriend and informed him of the incident. Afterward, the suspect sent the victim a message that read, “I will bring u the money.” The money was not returned, so the victim called the police. ƒç





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