‘Walking among  the dead’

 While on patrol at DeRenne and Abercorn, an officer heard vehicles blowing their horns.

The officer looked southbound on Abercorn at East 72nd Street and observed a woman walking in traffic in the middle lane. Vehicles had to change lanes to keep from hitting the woman.

The officer pulled up behind the woman and tried speaking with her by asking several questions. She refused to answer any questions and kept walking.

She kept saying, “They’re all dead” and “Can’t you see them?” She said she was “walking among the dead.”

The officer was able to get the woman out of the street, but she still wouldn’t answer any questions about why she was walking in the street. She also wouldn’t give any personal information or the name of a relative who could be contacted.

As the questioning continued, the woman became even more upset and dumped the contents of her purse on the ground. She became loud and said, “We can kill her, like everyone else.”

The woman then attempted to go back out into the street. At that point, she was restrained and threw herself down on the ground. She was taken to a hospital.


• A woman told police that her daughter was missing after the girl was suspended from school. The school contacted DFACS after the girl told teachers that she didn’t want to go home because she would “get a beating.” A case manager said the girl gave several different stories during an interview with DFACS and a police officer.

The case manager took the girl home. While she was interviewing the girl’s mother, the girl left the house through a bedroom window. The mother told police that the girl has run away four other times, once for as long as a month, and said the girl was due to appear in juvenile court. A lookout was posted.


• A citizen complaint was received in reference to tenants in one house taking water from the faucet of a house nearby.

The woman who reported the theft said the victim is an elderly woman and the suspects are known drug addicts. The woman said she just wanted the two men to stay off the elderly woman’s property.

The two men agreed to pay for the water they had taken. They also advised that they will not return to the property in the future.



• An officer on patrol observed a man drinking from a brown paper bag sitting on some steps in Yamacraw Village. When the man saw the officer, he stood up and fled to a nearby house. The officer exited his vehicle in pursuit of the man, but as the officer made it to the porch, the man entered the residence.

The tenant of the apartment came out and said, “A man just ran through my house and is now going out of the back door.” The officer ran around the building to see the man running from the rear of the apartment. The officer caught the man as he tried to run toward Bay Street.

The suspect was searched for weapons and contraband, but he had neither. He was still in possession of the brown paper bag, which contained one 16 oz. bottle of beer. He was placed in handcuffs and advised he was being arrested for criminal trespass and obstruction by fleeing. He also was banned from public housing due to his criminal activity.

The man stated he was visiting his baby’s mother. She did show up at the scene, but repeatedly stated the man doesn’t live with her.


A man called police after he was attacked on Bernie Drive. Upon the arrival of an officer, the man said that he was standing in the “cut” urinating when a man called “Booger” called him a “faggot” and punched him in the mouth. The man refused to tell police why Booger had attacked him.

During further questioning, the man told police that Booger took $50 from him during the attack. The man then changed his story and said that Booger took nothing.

The man told police he would look for Booger later. He refused to give them any information about the attacker, other than he is called Booger. Police said the man smelled heavily of alcohol.  ƒç



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