‘Princess’ in distress


Police were called to Oakland Court on the report of a man with a gun and possible hostages.

The woman who made the report was a woman who identified herself as “Princess.” She said her sister’s boyfriend was holding her hostage with a gun. Princess said she ran out of the house to a pay phone and would meet officers in front of the house. Five officers arrived on the scene and surrounded the location.

One knocked several times in an attempt to make contact with a resident at the location. There was no noise coming from inside and no one answered the door. After a few more attempts, a man finally stepped outside. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and appeared to have just woken up. The man agreed to allow the officers to check his residence. There was no evidence of any crime.


• A woman reported that she had been beaten by her boyfriend after an argument.

Police were called to an East 54th Street residence where they were met by the victim. She said she had started having problems with her boyfriend the previous night.

She said her boyfriend was still angry when he got up the next morning and resumed the fight. A friend who was at the residence stopped that argument, she said.

However, the boyfriend was still angry and later threw the woman down in the bathtub and started kicking her. An officer saw marks on her face, the right side of her arm and under her chin.

EMS responded to the scene and checked the woman out. She said a friend would take her to the emergency room to check a possible jaw fracture.


• Police were called to East 50th Street on a report of an armed robbery of a purse and vehicle. The victim told police that as she was walking away from her car, she noticed a man walking east on the north sidewalk She said she was walking up the driveway when she heard footsteps of someone running up to her in the driveway.

She said the man had pulled his T-shirt over his nose and mouth to hide his face. She said that he demanded her purse and then her car keys. The victim said the man began pointing a semi-automatic hand gun at her. She said she gave the suspect her purse and keys and he fled.


• An officer responded to the report of a late model car being stripped behind an abandoned mobile home on Hill Road.

Upon arrival, the officer went behind the mobile home and discovered a car that was missing the hood, engine, transmission, T-top and various other parts, including the front suspension and tires. A check of the vehicle’s tag revealed the car was owned by a Savannah man.

Dispatch was unable to contact the owner, and the car had not been reported as stolen. The department’s auto theft unit was informed about the case.


• A 16-year-old girl jumped out of her mother’s car and attempted to run away after an argument. The girl’s mother told police that she was taking her daughter to school.

When she tried to talk to the girl about her behavior and the fact that she had skipped several days of school, the girl jumped out of the car at Paulsen and 33rd streets and walked to the area of 34th Street and Waters Avenue.

The mother said her daughter apparently tried to go to her grandmother’s house, but the grandmother was not home. She said she saw her daughter walking west on 34th Street. A lookout for the girl was broadcast.


• A woman called police after her cousin took her truck and never returned with it.

The woman said her cousin came from New York to live with her for a while. She said she left for work one afternoon and returned about 10 hours later.

The victim noticed that her truck and her cousin were both gone. The cousin later called the victim to tell her he would be home with the truck later that evening, but he never showed up.

The woman told police that the vehicle doesn’t have a current Georgia tag because it is registered in North Carolina. She also stated that the suspect took her old Georgia tag from another vehicle and put it on her truck. A case report number was given to the victim and a lookout was posted for her truck.ƒnƒç

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