LaRoche Avenue   special edition

• Police were called to an apartment on LaRoche Avenue about a person with a gun.

An officer spoke with two witnesses who were at the apartment. They said a man had called the apartment and asked if he could come by and pick up some clothes he had loaned to the suspect.

The women said when the victim showed up, the suspect threw the clothes down the starts and started yelling at him. At that point, the suspect pulled a gun out of his pants and pointed it at the victim.

One of the women said she took her daughter into the bedroom so she would be out of danger. The other woman said that as the first woman was taking her daughter to safety, she yelled at the suspect and victim to leave the house.

The women said the victim walked out of the apartment with his girlfriend and his items. One of the women said the suspect placed the gun in the closet in the bedroom before he left, as well.

The officer asked the woman where the suspect got the gun. She said he bought it from a friend the previous day, probably illegally.

Neither the suspect nor the victim was at the scene. The gun was recovered from a closet shelf and placed into the police property room as evidence.

Later that day, the officer was able to contact the victim by phone. The victim said he went to the apartment to get his clothes, and when he arrived, saw the suspect was upstairs. The suspect threw the clothes down the stairs, and the victim got angry and cursed at him. He picked up his clothes, turned his back to the suspect and left with his girlfriend.

The victim said he didn’t feel threatened by the suspect, and said they had no problems in the past. He said he didn’t see a gun, nor could he say that one was pointed at him. The victim said all of his property was recovered and he didn’t want to call the police or prosecute for the crime.


• Police were called to a LaRoche Avenue apartment in reference to a person with possible suicidal thoughts.

Dispatch advised there was a man in the upstairs bathroom with a knife, and that he was making suicidal comments. When the officer arrived, EMS was already on the scene, and shortly after, back-up arrived.

The officer approached the front door and knocked. An elderly female came to the door. She seemed very disoriented.

The officer asked if she could tell them who was upstairs and what was going on. The woman, who couldn’t tell the officer her name, said she wasn’t aware that anyone was in the residence.

She was asked if the officers could check to see, and gave her approval. The officer walked upstairs and saw that the bathroom door was shut and attempted to open it.

The door was locked, but the officer could hear a person inside, who seemed to be upset and disturbed by something. The officer could hear the man sobbing and mumbling something.

The officer spoke to the man through the door, giving his name and saying he was a police officer who wanted to help with whatever was wrong. When the officer asked the man to open the door, he complied.

The man had a steak knife in his right hand and a partially smoked cigarette in the other. He was holding the knife very loosely, with the blade facing towards him.

The man was crying and seemed very upset, but didn’t appear violent. The officer asked if he could hold the knife and the man pulled the knife away, indicating that he didn’t want to release it.

The officer continued to talk and listen to the man and reassure him that he was just there to help him. The man explained that he was just tired and couldn’t deal with it anymore.

When asked what he meant, the man replied, “Everything.” He said he wasn’t able to talk to his children.

The officer assured the man that the fact that he was concerned about being in his kids’ lives showed that he was a good father. He also told the man he shouldn’t think about taking that away from his children.

When asked if he really wanted to hurt himself, the man nodded his head to indicate he did. Eventually, the officer was able to get the man to release the knife and told him that he wanted him to go with the officers and the paramedics to get some help. č



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