Body Types: What on earth to wear?

Part 2

So how is everyone after reading Part 1?

I can’t speak to the amount of emails and DMs I ‘ve received. Some of my readers’ minds are blown.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out part 1 to this column topic from last week (on We talked about each body type in-depth so you guys can figure out which body type you are, so the next step is to figure out what to do with that figure of yours.


Ok ladies.....the top top tops! Keep an open neckline at all times! When wearing a button down, I’m going to challenge you to open just one more button. If this is just the second button from your neck area, you are way behind! Play with flashy necklaces, and make them match your belt and shoes. Just keep that belt thin, and that shoe in a poppin’ color. You have to add volume bellow the chest but for all things good in this fashion world, STAY AWAY FROM EMPIRE WAIST SEAMS! In my Southern voice: “It ain’t it!” Keep the low waisted jeans, and accentuate the waist as much as possible! The bell-bottoms are making a comeback, and the comeback is just for you, my lollipop gals. 


So having the pear body type means accentuating the top. Decrease the attention below the waist, trust me, your hips don’t need help standing out. Instead, play on bright colored tops, vibrant prints, structured blouses and blazers and along those lines. In my opinion, any pair of bottoms with pockets vertically aligned with the side seam are a bad idea, BUT they are especially a bad idea for the pear body type, as they will always stick out. The skinny jeans and leggings are cute and comfortable, but  the wide leg bottoms do you better.


Like the pear, we are going to accentuate the top, but mainly around the neck and shoulder areas. Look for tops with neckline details. I’m a sucker for an asymmetrical collar, so I highly recommend those. Stand-up lapel jackets are also excellent for a diamond that’s about their business. Try to stay away from shapely dresses or dresses with waist details. Avoid attention around the waist and even below it, but you, unlike the pear, should indulge in shapely pants. So some leggings with an off-the-shoulder white, jersey, shapeless T-shirt, with a bright pointy toe pump.....EASY.


Believe it or not, I feel like this is one of the easier body types to dress. Avoid things that begin or end at the waist. So those prints that end in the waist area—not it. Those crop tops that end at the belly button—not it. Wear items with structure. Anything shapeless needs structure, not volume. Accentuate the neckline and shoulders and be sure to get the blazers that come down to the hip area (the ones that end higher make you look more stocky) and ensure that they are made to be fitted, so when worn open or closed, they give off the impression of a cinched waistline. Stay away from verticals—striped or horizontal striped things that show just how STRAIGHT or how RECTANGULAR you are. 


Otherwise known as the X body type, You’ve got to accentuate. Starting at the top, be sure to wear V-necks, and proper bras for those necklines. You want to stay away from big sleeves, but instead cut your sleeves at the elbow and keep them fitted. Flare is tough for a lot of body types, but some peplum at the waistline, or flare at the hem of a skirt or dress isn’t bad at all. Pencil skirts are excellent, and peep toe shoes give off the look of a longer leaner leg for my short, hourglass gals. Oddly enough, staying away from multi colors and prints, but sticking to solid colors throughout your look is the best way to go. The bright colors will help you stand out, and the darker colors will make you look slimmer. 


One of the best tips I can give for this body type and others similar to it, is ruching! Get you a few dresses with ruching that accentuates the waistline (or lack there of). Avoid ruffles above the waist, or anything with heavy attention in the shoulder and bust area. The jackets that land right at the natural waist are great for creating the look of a waist as well, but stick to the single-breasted area of jackets. Slimmer lapels and asymmetrical necklines on dresses and tops will take the attention away from the broader shoulders. Oprah Winfrey is actually known for her eye capturing way of dressing with the round body type. So following her fashion journey isn’t a bad idea for anyone with this body type. 


Inverted triangles are very easy, in that the top of the triangle is in the waist area, so you want your clothes to be the triangle for the other half of your body. Make sense?

Fit flare dresses are your BEST FRIEND. Keep it fitted up top, and add volume below the waist area. Skirts that are full, no matter the length, are excellent distractions for this body type. Avoid shoulder pads, embellishing necklines, and any other out-of-the-box things up top. Save that for the bottoms. Keeping it simple is an excellent way to search for tops as an inverted triangle. 

So I’ve got a special gift for the person who can guess my body type, and send me an email explaining why they think I am that body type! 

First come, first served! So whoever contacts me first, via email, is the lucky winner. You have to already be a follower on Instagram though, so go ahead and follow me so you can see more fashion things to elevate you or wardrobe!

Thanks Fashionistas! Yours in Fashion, Daniette

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