Raise your glass to St. Arnold

Raise your glass to St. Arnold

Saint Arnold was dubbed the Patron Saint of Brewers and we celebrate his feast day, St. Arnolds Day, on July 18

Summer beers make me feel fine

The best summer beers are flavorful, low in ABV and in my opinion need to be light and crisp, no overwhelming malt or hops flavors.

Brew it yourself

Moon River Brewing Company on Bay Street is the local hub for most home brewing activities. The Savannah Brewers League has used Moon River as its home for many years.

Barstool Traveler: Mexico

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo
CINCO DE MAYO is just around the corner, which means of millions of dollars worth of light lagers imported from Mexico will be sold in the coming days.

‘Hoptimization’ of the brewing process

Lecture happens at Armstrong Campus on April 13
'We wanted to find a local brewery to work with so that our students would be able to see how the chemistry they learn in the classroom works in the real world'

Get Out of Town: Birmingham

In the 90’s when the craft beer movement was starting up, Alabama was largely left out due to some pretty archaic alcohol laws.

Love beer? Love comics?

You’re in luck at upcoming White Whale/Neighborhood Comics collaborative event
Maybe you’re one of those truly poor souls who is both a comic book nerd and a craft beer nerd. You, my friend, are truly my brother.

Drink a toast to Brew/Drink/Run’s 200th Episode Celebration

It’s the event that no one has asked for, but we’re giving it to you anyway. Because we love you.

Rollin’ & Tumblin’ Vol. 2 Release Party

Southbound and the Savannah Music Festival have quite a party lined up. It will be February 17 at Southbound Brewing, but will feature more than just beer.

Tips for enjoying Georgia Beer Day

We, the craft beer consumer, get to show our appreciation for the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild and our local breweries by showing up, spending some money while having a good time and enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Georgia vs. Alabama: How 'bout Them Breweries?

Athens against Tuscaloosa for all the beer and football marbles
ALL OF us at Brew/Drink/Run support local beer.


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