Scooping up memories: A conversation with Stratton Leopold

Scooping up memories: A conversation with Stratton Leopold

The son of founder Peter, Stratton is passionate about both his family business and his storied career as a producer
ASK anyone who’s been in Savannah for any amount of time: Leopold’s is the best ice cream in town. Sure, it’s a tourist must-see, but it’s also definitely a spot for locals, and it has been for a century.

Night at the Museum brings history to life

Just like the film, visitors go through night guard training and then get to meet the characters that they learn about in the museum

Forsyth Farmers’ Market receives grant to begin 912 Food Farmacy program

'Instead of doctors writing prescriptions for medicine, they're writing prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables, and those prescriptions are actually gift certificates for free produce.'

'Come on up to the table': Mayor Van Johnson stresses themes of inclusiveness at inauguration

"This table called Savannah is going to rest on the four legs of Trust, Transparency, Accountability, and Inclusion," he said.

Group promotes uphill battle to 'unmerge' Armstrong

The thinking behind this new group is simple. Nobody in Savannah wanted this merger.

‘A Christmas Memory’ continues at Flannery home

Strozier, a longtime English professor at Armstrong, sadly passed away in April. But the tradition he created lives on with a rechristening of the event as a memorial event

Two sides of the Thanksgiving table

Celebrate Native American Indian Heritage Month with special event at Massie Heritage Center
History is often written by the victors, as the saying goes. It’s because of this that we recognize November as the month of Thanksgiving, where we feast with loved ones in remembrance of the first meeting between the English pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe.

Words matter when reporting on bike safety issues

The language used by journalists shapes public response to their reporting and that shows up in the comments

Get to know Savannah’s quirky side

The book takes readers through the Coastal Empire, sharing some little-known facts that even the most seasoned Savannahian might not know

Shake your peacock feathers

Annual fundraiser for Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home also marks third decade of the foundation
This Friday, they’ll host their annual Peacock Party and 30th anniversary celebration at the Beach Institute

First City Pride Center: Savannah’s LGBT organizations merge

'What we’re doing isn’t enough and by uniting rather than siloing our efforts, we can accomplish more'


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