Teen creates ‘UTime’ for fun and friendships with special kids

Created in 2015 by Lily Glass, UTime offers supervised activities, unstructured fun and a pizza lunch to kids with developmental and physical challenges
IT'S Saturday morning at Monkey Joe’s, and the colorful indoor playground percolates with happy squeals. Children chase each other around the carpeted room, launching themselves from soft slides and bouncing among the inflatable platforms.

Stories from the underground

'The history of the enslaved Africans who labored and built this city is all around us,' explains Patt Gunn, dressed in the colorful textiles of West Africa. 'Our ancestors continue to speak to us through many clues.'
EVERY YEAR, millions of tourists traipse along the worn cobblestones of Factor’s Walk, soaking in Savannah’s historic charms.

Get on your bike and ride!

Midnight Garden Ride offers a fun, safe ride to enjoy the evening beauty of Savannah
The roughly hour-long ride goes through many of the Savannah’s historic district’s squares for a fun-filled evening and a rare opportunity to enjoy a completely relaxed, safe ride after dark

Bridging divides with Ronald Christopher

Savannah’s Talmadge Bridge is a beautiful piece of engineering whose moniker honors racial injustice

No more Nina

HSMC vote brings down Panhandle Slim painting
FOR A painting bearing the likeness of Nina Simone, there will be no more Sundays or any other days in Savannah’s historic district, at least not for now. At the Thursday, Aug. 3 meeting of the Savannah-Chatham Historic Site and Monument Commission, a petition requesting after-the-fact approval of the artwork under the city’s mural policy ended in a 3-3 tie.

‘We’re going to maintain our humanity’

Writer Gwen Strauss studies the struggles of refugees, past and present
YOU CAN look the other way. You can turn off the TV. But it won’t stop reality.

Peggy Riggins: Sounding the alarm on coal ash

A rare success story as a small town is victorious in its fight against toxic waste
I’M HERE to tell you that the good guys sometimes win.

'No bombing, no rockets, no death'

Refugees find solace and sanctuary in Savannah
SYRIAN REFUGEE and new Savannah neighbor Naji Abousaleh remembers safer times in Aleppo, where he lived most of his 67 years and taught English.

Black Sheep White Cop: A true-life memoir of crime & corruption

Former local homicide detective Kevin Grogan writes the ultimate Savannah cop story
A REMARKABLE MEMOIR by a former Savannah-Chatham cop has become the hottest local read of the summer. Black Sheep White Cop: Savannah EXPOsed, is grippingly written by Kevin Grogan, a former homicide detective whose local career spans five police chiefs, including now-imprisoned former Police Chief Willie Lovett.


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