‘Sow’ many ways to grow and reap with SUGA

Savannah Urban Garden Alliance hosts art, films and workshops all this week
SUGA serves as a resource for everything from loaning out tools to lending its 501c3 status to help secure grants

A small farmer with a big heart

Willie Johnson reminisces on a career spent serving the stomachs and souls of Savannah
'People look down on us but we got one of the best jobs there is'

City Market shooting/collision during Fourth of July celebration claims three dead, eight injured

Mayor Eddie DeLoach, at a press conference soon after the incident, sounded both a defiant and defensive tone. “We know we have a gang problem but we cannot base police policy on emotions,” DeLoach said. “This is not a time ... to say I told you so.”

Art March Parade on Waters Avenue

The revitalization of the Waters Ave. corridor has been the topic of plenty of discussion but little action over the last decade, and the neighborhood seemed an obvious next step for the vision.

Deep Center’s high schoolers take to the streets to uncover hidden histories

“This has taught me that there are no bad questions,” says 15 year-old Imani Muhammed
MOST KIDS grow up being scolded not to talk to strangers.

A clean, well-lighted safe space

Savannah’s LGBTQ community finally has a place of its own
The design and buildout maximize the square footage to accommodate a cornucopia of organizations and activities

Juneteenth means freedom all month long

Commemorating the emancipation of America's enslaved people
WHEN President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that granted freedom to America’s slaves in September of 1862, it was supposed to go into effect January 1, 1863.

Five years of riding for Matt, and for safety

Matt’s Moon River Cruise marks memory of young Savannahian killed in bike/vehicle collision
FIVE years ago, 22-year-old Matthew Kohler was killed when a vehicle ran him down from behind in July 2012, as he was riding on Highway 80 in Bloomingdale.

Savannah’s Carnegie Library recognized as one of Georgia’s 10 Most Beautiful

The Carnegie served as a nexus for African American education and fellowship
HELEN WASHINGTON likes to say she has a "living room with a view." The sprightly senior has lived on Henry Street for over 60 years, most of them in the lovely Victorian across from the red-and-black brick Carnegie Library, an architectural gem that has served this neighborhood for more than a century.

Humane Society’s annual carnival brings out the party animal in all of us

Those with opposable thumbs can aim for the target to dunk their favorite Savannah Derby Devils, and everyone wants a lickalicious smooch from Miss Zoe Dog’s Kissing Booth.


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