‘I Have Marks to Make’:  Art from all walks of life

‘I Have Marks to Make’: Art from all walks of life

The healing power of art is celebrated in Telfair Museums’ annual community-based exhibit
FOR NEARLY a quarter century, the Telfair Museums’ "I Have Marks To Make" annual exhibit celebrates the power of art in transforming everyday life, for everyday people. It is in fact one of Savannah’s longest-running and most successful community programs of any type.

Back to the farm

Learn more about what’s on your Thanksgiving table at Bethesda
'Food is ubiquitous, it’s relevant, it’s permanent'

Owens-Thomas House tells the untold stories

Extensive new focus on enslaved presence unveiled at Telfair Museums site
As part of Telfair Museums’ Slavery and Freedom in Savannah project, the home reveals its new interpretive exhibitions on Nov. 17

Healing PTSD through nature

Mountainfilm On Tour screening at Service Brewing focuses on veteran rehabilitation
The film focuses on Eaton’s recovery, and on his work as a river guide helping veterans recover from war by the simple act of whitewater rafting

Scribble Subscription Box brings fun, refuge, and solace to kids

Local artist Carrie Christian talks about her new art subscription service for kids, bringing it to hospitals, and providing a creative outlet for the imagination
'I very much believe in the creative process as being something that’s really helpful for kids, and parents too'

Savannah is full of Pride

This year’s festival offers more fun and education
Manzana Bryant’s passion for breaking that stigma is precisely what won her Savannah Pride’s inaugural Leonard Matlovich Award

Moonlight Garden Ride marks decade of fun in the dark

Escorted bicycle ride through neighborhoods is safe and family-friendly
It’s not a race, therefore the group travels at a very casual pace despite the ride’s length

Thinking Deep

Deep Center celebrates ten years this Sunday
The beauty of Deep is that it goes beyond just publishing kids’ creative writing

The Tale of CAT 14

The case for reexamining local bus routes
The larger problem is that CAT’s entire system needs to be completely re-routed. CAT hasn’t rethought its basic route map in decades.

Telling 'herstory': Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace starts tasty new tour

The Low Birthplace has kept Low’s spirit alive through their innovative programming

Enki Research’s Chuck Watson talks weather, emergency management — and Euro models

The man behind Enki Research is Chuck Watson, a geophysicist who’s reluctant to claim the spotlight

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    Radical radio

    A new start for rock DJ Ryan Koch signals a sea change in media
    FOR EIGHT years, Ryan Koch has been known as one of the most vocal supporters of local music in Savannah. As the host of Rock 106.1’s Underexposed and Night Shift with Ryan, the Detroit transplant and his wife, artist and SCAD MFA grad Brandy Kennedy Koch, could be found supporting local shows, helping out with Savannah Skatepark, hosting art shows, and engaging the Savannah they love so much.

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