Dating around…for a rental

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Lauren Wolverton, Connect Savannah
When trying to decide what to write my column on this week, I went back and forth between complaining about my horrendous hunt for a new rental in Savannah and sharing some exciting news about a dating series we’ve got coming out next month. Decisions, decisions. I’ve settled on both in the hopes that my editor let’s this fly. Fingers crossed!

As I said before, I’m searching for a new rental here in our city and I’m learning a lot more than I expected to along the way. I’ve learned that having a bathtub is a non-negotiable for me, I’ve learned that lots of rental property owners are really not into pets, and I’ve learned that finding a place to live in Savannah right now is nearly impossible.

I’m not sure if our city is looking extra beautiful lately and attracting more permanent tourists, or if it’s just the back-to-school season. Either way, it’s like the Hunger Games out here looking for a place to live.

It’s not all bad, though. Here’s my transition from real estate to that dating series I mentioned earlier. Just go with it.

Every night, when I’ve had my fill of Facebook Marketplace and Zillow, I look forward to tuning into some terrible, but oh so good, reality TV. My personal favorite shows are any of “The Real Housewives” franchises, “Below Deck,” “The Circle,” “Love is Blind,” “Summer House,” “Love Island,” etc. I could go on and on.

Given my nightly routine, it’s no surprise that when the idea of doing an anonymous dating series in Connect Savannah came up, I jumped on it right away. It’s like a real life, print version of all my favorite shows.

Essentially, we’ll have two anonymous candidates who are looking for love - I borrowed that line straight from “The Bachelor” franchise - in Savannah. I won’t give away too much of what we have planned, but I’ll be following along as they prepare and go on a date or two throughout the month of August. I’ll share what they’re feeling, the highs and the lows in hopes of shining some light on what it’s like to date in our city.

The candidates will be of different ages, different genders, and at different stages in their lives. I’m really hoping this series is relatable, helpful and entertaining to all of our readers. Let’s hope this goes smoother than my hunt for a rental!

Have a question about our upcoming dating series? Have a rental unit I could call home? Send me an email at

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Lauren Wolverton is self-described storyteller, fashion addict and lover of lattes. At Connect Savannah, she is a journalist and a strategic marketing consultant. Wolverton grew up between Georgia and Mississippi, then went on to graduate from Mississippi State University. A job as a news producer at a local television...

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