Deciding what to wear to a wedding


OK, so I’ve had client after client, friend after friend, and colleague after colleague ask my advice on appropriate attire for attending a wedding. 

In my opinion, there are several factors that come into play, but I’ll summarize them, and you guys can visit my YouTube  channel for a more in-depth response to this question.

Ready? Let’s get into it!

The first thing you need to think about is what time of the year is this wedding taking place? 

Anything between the months of April-September can be considered an occasion that requires no jacket. 

My men want to consider keeping that linen or non-lined suit in their closets so they are not sweating in a 3-piece suit they keep for any formal occasion, and stressing about if the dry cleaners is going to yell at them when they drop it off! 

Now, I am going to refer you to my article on body types. Someone else’s wedding isn’t the time to experiment with silhouettes that are not for your body type. 

Any wedding you attend will have pictures that are essentially viewed for a very long time.  Don’t be that person viewed for the wrong reasons, if you know what I mean.

Remember, you are only a guest, not member of the bridal party, nor VIP—just a guest. So if you want to stand out, be safe at the same time. And, as a general rule of thumb, ANYTHING WITH WHITE IS A NO-GO. 

Yes this also means ivories and creams. 

Even a print could be seen as off-putting. Unless this is an all-white wedding, ladies, stay away from white. 

Men, I know this can be difficult with you naturally wanting to add a white or ivory shirt to any suit in your closet. But I want to encourage you to build your outfit from the shirt out. 

Maybe get a color you have always wanted to try, but may not be in your closet yet—at least in shirt form—and wear the suit that compliments it.

Taking a look at someone’s wedding invitation can be a huge help. I, for one, try to avoid the colors of the wedding. 

If you aren’t a part of the bridal party it’s not a requirement. I’m not sure why everyone in the South thinks that.

Most wedding invitations won’t have this, but some have attire instructions. But just looking and genuinely reading the invites, and taking note of how they are designed and put together (trust me they can get expensive) will give you the vibe the bride and groom are going for.

I absolutely love fall and winter weddings!

They are perfect excuse to show up in black or burgundy, with rose gold accents.

I am a rose gold addict, but for those not so addicted, gold and champagne work well. 

I save my silvers for the spring and summer months.

As a creative director, stylist, and custom designer for brides, I take what I wear to weddings (especially the ones I work at) very seriously. I need to be functional but also be able to have fun. 

So 2 girdles, a waist trainer, and a slip will not only prevent you from eating the food they spent so much money on getting for this occasion, but also discourage you from hitting the dance floor. 

More than anything, the bride and groom want you there and to PARTICIPATE. So make sure you dress for that! I promise there is a way!

For more on this subject, search for me and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

This is your girl @designerdaniette  Until next week fashionistas!

Yours in Fashion, Danietté

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