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Depressor started out as a Savannah metal band that turned heads with their first album Callous in 2018. Not long after, the band released their 2019 EP Harm, followed by a number of singles in 2020 and 2021.

Since their conception Depressor has been diligent about adding their own flavor to Savannah’s heavy music scene, while also giving a nod to those who have come before them.

As of 2022 the band has gone through a hefty lineup change, with members spread between Charlston, Savannah and Colorado. Their status of being a strictly local-Georgia band has transitioned to them becoming more of a regional act.

“Because of the lineup changes, our whole band has definitely changed entirely. As of now I’m the last OG, member of Depressor now” said front man Lu Thor.

Drummer Asher Dibernardo is the newest member of the band and said before joining Depressor he always saw them as a more regional name in the hardcore scene.

“I’ve heard the name Depressor kind of more like the regional band whenever I first set foot into the scene, which wasn’t really until later on, like after I graduated [high school] senior year. I’ve always seen their name as like the quote unquote big dogs. Like how Circle Back is to Charleston,” said Dibernardo.

With a change in members also came shift sonically from the band’s earlier works. Thor expressed excitement about the fresh perspectives that newer members of the band are bringing to the table.

“Lately, we’ve been kind of driving away from the metal core, and kind of going back to the roots of hardcore and beatdown. We’re definitely more into the early 2000s, late 90s era of hardcore,” said Thor.

Rather than getting bogged down in the more technical aspects of the genre, this style of heavy music is more fun for the band to play and perform.

Despite the changes, the band’s mission is the same- make kickass music that gets crowds moving and creates a safe outlet for aggression.

 “We just want to see people move in and like, have a good time. That’s what the music’s about, having a good time,” said Thor.

Mason Sauls, Depressor’s guitarist, touched on the band’s newer sound and the more organic feel it has.

“I will say, just the short time Asher and I have been in the band and like talking to the other band members about it, I will say musically…. everything kind of just feels more raw [sounding],” said Sauls.

Thor, who is living in Colorado, explained that a majority of the band are now based in Charleston, South Carolina. The distance has forced them to change up their songwriting process, with the bulk of it being done online.

According to Thor, the band is in the process of polishing out a brand-new EP or Album. The Depressor website also shows a number of tour dates scheduled across the southeast.

The band will also be playing at this year’s AURA Fest on June 11, and plan on performing three of their new songs.

In terms of this year’s festival the band is looking forward to sharing the stage with some well-known names in the industry, notably Lorna Shore and Impending Doom.

However, for Thor, Sauls and Dibernardo, going to perform in A.U.R.A fest is a way for them to continue doing their part in keeping hardcore relevant.

“That’s the big thing too, with like hardcore. Like, more or less the more aggressive side of music is that people are more intimidated now to go to these shows.  I think people are just scared of hardcore now and are trying to more or less like leave supporting it which isn’t a message that hardcore is, it’s a safe outlet for aggression,” said Thor. “There’s going to be a lot of really good talent on this lineup. I think this might be one of the best for fests, like to this day” said Thor about this year’s AURA Fest.”

After a hiatus due to the pandemic, the annual AURA Fest (All Underground Rock All-day) returns to the Georgia Ships of the Sea Museum on June 11. The festival is open to all ages, and is a day-long showcase of local, regional and national metal and hardcore bands. This year 11 bands will be performing, including local and regional favorites such as The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, Depressor and Second Death. AURA Fest will also see larger headliners like Impending Doom and Lorna Shore tear up the stage at Saturday’s fest

The event starts at 12:30 p.m. and will have food trucks, beverages and other activities for festival goers to enjoy. Alex Arango sat down with three bands to get the lowdown on this year’s fest and what audiences can look forward to. More information about the festival and tickets can be found at

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