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Hey Fashionistas! 

THIS TOPIC has been on my mind for a LONG TIME.

As an artist, color and color theory are important to me, and it’s not enough to select color for your fondness of it, but what it does for you in a visual capacity. How you’re seen in that color. Ever think about that? Neon pink may be your favorite color, but is it too much for your skin complexion? Maybe you love muted crisp colors like olive and navy, but are they dulling your presence? 

AGAIN, I’m here to ELEVATE! So, let’s get into it!

Before we get into the color of what you’re wearing, we want to assess the color of your skin tone. Where I can’t get too deep into the principles of skin tones, there are some excellent resources for additional information. You have four major categories when it comes to skin:

Dark Cool • Light Cool • Dark Warm • Light Warm

Cool skin tones have dominant blue hues, and warm undertones have dominant yellow hues.

So what looks good with them? Let’s break it down!

Dark Cool Hues

So most women fall in the dark cool category. So I’ll firstly say these women do best with rich jewel tones. The royal blues, rich purples, fuschias, carnation reds, emerald greens, just to name some! These colors not only bring out the best in the skin, but they accentuate it. 

Giving these skin tones a more refreshed color rich look, which can make all the difference depending on where you’re going, who you’re going to see, and what you need to do, and be remembered for!

Light Cool Hues

Women in this category work the opposite when it comes to richness in color. You want to aim for the pastel and more washed out colors. So the heather greys, powder blues, pastel pinks, mints, and lavenders are a few that I recommend for the most flattering appearance. 

Dark Warm Hues

These Hues have rich earthy colors in their skin and natural hair, so accentuating that with similar colors works best for them. The mustard yellows, olive greens, auburns, coppers, cream, and even cranberry work well for anyone in this category. I personally love the olive greens and cranberries myself!

Light Warm Hues

This skin tone is probably the hardest to “suit” only because it’s a bit more restrictive and most women want to be more out there when it comes to the colors in their wardrobe. The key is to not overpower this skin tone with strong colors. So scientifically one would do well to wear peach, light yellow, coral, light teal, and other colors of that nature.

All in all, there is definitely a “trick” for every “treat” of color, and you want to make sure that you know the foundation, before you go all out! 

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I’ll talk to you fashionistas next week! 

Best Regards,

Danietté A. Thomas

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