Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Savannah has, for better or worse, a robust service industry. The problem is that we don’t have much of a service culture to speak of.

Editor's Note: The Great Downtown Disconnect

Currently, the downtown area is awash in plenty of other examples of what one could loosely define as public/private partnerships

Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom

As the dust settled and the full impact of the debacle set in, a different question came to mind: Where are all the local activists when we really need them?
JUST TWO DAYS after the incredibly ugly spectacle of last week’s censure hearing of Alderman Tony Thomas, City Council entered a retreat to come up with a strategic plan for all of Savannah. There’s no punchline — that’s the joke.

Editor's Note: Lockamy’s revenge — but for what?

Even as he retires, Lockamy is pursuing an official complaint with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) against Savannah-Chatham School Board President Jolene Byrne. In effect, Lockamy is holding the nearly 40,000 children in the school district hostage to his vendetta with Byrne.

Editor's Note: Parking matters—and so do voters

Remarkably, the most deeply unpopular measure City Council has addressed in recent memory only received a single dissenting vote.

Editor's Note: A ‘typical’ Saturday night

Leaving the sold-out show, we see several blocks of Broughton Street and State Street cordoned off because of a possible explosive device in the State Street garage.

Editor's Note: Another day, another bad zoning decision

Vote on self-storage facility shows need for strategic plan
A QUESTIONABLE zoning decision by Savannah City Council is barely newsworthy these days. Like death and taxes, they seem inevitable and unavoidable.

Editor's Note: Devil in the details with Memorial buyout?

While on the surface this seems like a great deal, if you scratch the surface you see a few potential issues come up. Issues that, frankly, have received scant attention in the generally fawning regional press coverage of the deal.

Editor's Note: Lucas Theatre mess signals deeper issues

Ordinarily, the firing of five people wouldn’t constitute major breaking news. However, the firing of the Lucas staff last week triggered shock waves in an arts community still reeling from the loss of the beloved Muse venue in February.

Editor's Note: Shut up and enjoy the show

I’ve asked around about this. And most everybody I know says the same thing: Savannah audiences take the cake for being rude as hell and talking over shows.

Editor's Note: Vote on Orange Crush lacks moral authority

I don’t envy any public official or police officer on Tybee the task of trying to placate residents while remaining an open community charged with stewardship of a great natural resource. However, the nature of this faceoff means no management decision can be made in a vacuum.


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