Editor's Note: The sale of the local daily paper is... complicated

Long story short, the local daily paper — which had been family-owned and Georgia-based under one banner or another since 1850 — will be an asset owned by a company based far away from Savannah itself.

Editor's Note: Devil of density is in the details

As it takes shape, we now have a bit of an inkling of Savannah’s new strategic plan: Virtually the identical plan that any politically well-connected, large-scale developer here would have. What a coincidence.

Editor's Note: Anatomy of a political meltdown

Jarvis’s admittedly quite conservative positions, as he openly stated in our interview, immediately drew fire from local Democratic activists, who wondered why someone who echoes Donald Trump on some issues would bother running as a Democrat.

Editor's Note: The urge to unmerge and what it really means

Money can’t possibly be the real issue. We find money for anything else that politicians and interest groups decide is needed or wanted. The real issue here — the real reason why Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police will no longer be “Metropolitan” after Feb. 1, 2018 — is control.

Editor's Note: ‘Fixing’ flooding is a futile goal

These storms drop more water in a short amount of time than is realistically possible for humans to alleviate, regardless of how much money we spend. The one-two punch of very low elevation plus very heavy rain remains undefeated.

Editor's Note: Thoughts on a Fourth of July from hell

Fighting poverty won’t fix everything, but it will fix a lot of things. Sometimes young people make terrible decisions regardless of what you do to help them. But society makes it difficult for young people to make the right decisions in the first place.

Self-driving cars and the shifting definition of freedom

There is freedom in firing up a fast car, or even a not-so-fast car, and just taking to the road and being your own boss — a feeling you might not have in many other parts of your life. Then again, there’s also very real freedom in tapping on Uber or Lyft — or soon enough, summoning a shareable self-driving vehicle.

Editor's Note: Amazon, Alexa, Apple, and the new Robber Barons

Instead of oil and railroads and banks, the new Robber Barons of the 21st Century control nearly all the data our data-dependent society is built on, from the “free” platforms we use to share our private information (the companies then mining that information to use and sell), to the hidden, proprietary algorithms that determine which news, “fake” or otherwise, shows up on your feed.

Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Savannah has, for better or worse, a robust service industry. The problem is that we don’t have much of a service culture to speak of.

Editor's Note: The Great Downtown Disconnect

Currently, the downtown area is awash in plenty of other examples of what one could loosely define as public/private partnerships

Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom

As the dust settled and the full impact of the debacle set in, a different question came to mind: Where are all the local activists when we really need them?
JUST TWO DAYS after the incredibly ugly spectacle of last week’s censure hearing of Alderman Tony Thomas, City Council entered a retreat to come up with a strategic plan for all of Savannah. There’s no punchline — that’s the joke.


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