Editor's Note: Report Card from the Shenanigans

Editor's Note: Report Card from the Shenanigans

The City was on the right track with trying to enforce some basic rules at Chippewa Square. But when the crowd coordinates on social media to move, as seems to have been the case, the City and police are reduced to just playing whack-a-mole.

Editor's Note: Arena video unwittingly highlights issues

Turns out there is a small handful of African American CGI characters in the concept video. One of them is standing by himself in the lobby at the top of some stairs, looking off into the distance. He is wearing a basketball uniform... and holding a basketball.

Editor's Note: The 20 percent solution

Almost completely left out of the discussion was the fact that the only reason this came up at all was because of enormous citizen opposition to demolishing the Seaboard entirely, including a petition that had nearly 4,000 signatures.

Editor's Note: Seaboard reckoning approaches

While there is talk that a compromise will be reached that might save the building, the documentation I've seen indicates that at most the developer might be required to merely save the sign and some building material.

Editor's Note: Paving paradise

You're living in the twilight of Savannah's fabled oak and Spanish moss canopy. When this tree canopy is gone, it's gone. Do your best to take civic action to protect what's left of it.

Editor's Note: NewZO: Things to watch

One is tempted to say NewZO is too little, too late, but there will be plenty of opportunities for a more sane and equitable zoning protocol to affect positive change here -- if it is allowed to.

Editor's Note: Seaboard shame and the rigged Savannah game

It's a dark moment in Savannah history, on par with the loss of similar civic gems such as Union Station, Johnny Harris, and the old DeSoto Hilton, among others.

Editor's Note: Identifying Savannah’s core competency

The hard truth is that outside the Historic District there is virtually no protection for historical structures in Savannah. Palumbo's main call to action was for citizens to organize at the neighborhood and street level for more recognized, legal preservation guarantees.

Editor's Note: After The Gold Rush

2018 was the biggest year on record for commercial development in Savannah. In all, $547 million in new projects were permitted.

Editor's Note: Celebrate the environmental history of the Georgia coast

That history will be celebrated this Thursday in a remarkable event which launches a wonderful new anthology, Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture: Environmental Histories of the Georgia Coast; and celebrates the 106th birthday of Sandy West, the matriarch responsible for ensuring Ossabaw’s conservation.

Editor's Note: Saving the Seaboard, and political news

The time to save the Seaboard Freight Station was quite some time ago, when citizen pressure could have been a real game-changer. We're now reduced to throwing a Hail Mary late in the game.


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