Editor's Note: People, just bring your ID with you to drink!

Editor's Note: People, just bring your ID with you to drink!

The City of Savannah, as well as the state of Georgia, are increasing their crackdowns on underage drinkers in local bars. They conduct regular sting operations wherein undercover agents come in with expired or otherwise faulty IDs. If the bar serves them without checking or by not catching a bad ID, the whole business can take a hit.

Editor's Note: Conflict over conflicts of interest

While Brian Foster is declining to run for reelection to City Council, it does raise a red flag that he would be appointed to the powerful Downtown Savannah Authority while still holding a seat on Council.

Editor's Note: Saving the Mercer Theatre? A sound engineer speaks

Many observers are arguing that the Johnny Mercer Theatre must be saved, and that demolishing it would eliminate an important venue with no clear substitute waiting in the wings—so to speak

Editor's Note: Superintendent pay is just the tip of the iceberg

What we see locally is just an aspect of a much larger national issue: Struggling public schools with an increasingly bloated administrative structure, as teacher salaries stay criminally low, with some turning to GoFundMe to buy classroom supplies.

Editor's Note: Winners and losers in ‘superstar’ cities

'Non-college educated workers are primarily there to see to the care and comfort and security of the more affluent,' says Professor David Autor about service workers in these 'superstar' cities.

Editor's Note: Civic Center demolition will be a win – if done for the right reasons

Any nostalgia I may have had about the Civic Center and Johnny Mercer Theatre was outweighed long ago by constant disappointment in the site's lackluster customer service, its dilapidation, its bad acoustics, and its bizarrely inadequate concessions. I for one will not mourn its passing. I also embrace any well-intentioned plan to restore Oglethorpe's original vision for Savannah.

Editor's Note: Help wanted -- Affordable housing, better transportation

As many of our high-profile service industry projects come to fruition and are beginning to serve customers in earnest, they are discovering the hardest job of all might be... filling jobs.

Editor's Note: Boycotts begin to hit home

I know plenty of folks in the local film/TV industry, and not one that I know of supports the Heartbeat Bill. But they will be the ones paying the price if the boycott builds.

Editor's Note: The Biggest and the Best

You voted, and we counted
WE’VE BEEN putting together a Best of Savannah annual special issue for well over 20 years now, if you include an earlier incarnation of this newspaper called Creative Loafing Savannah.

Editor's Note: Hasty Arena decisions could haunt for years

City Manager Rob Hernandez -- starting a new job back in Florida in a few months-- gave Council an offer they couldn't refuse on his way out the door.

Editor's Note: SPLOST is coming

For the first time I can remember, there are political observers who think this round of SPLOST actually stands a chance of being defeated by the voters. It’s impossible to describe the shock wave this would send.


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