Editor's Note: Dorian’s Dilemma, Or How Not To Do  A Hurricane Evacuation

Editor's Note: Dorian’s Dilemma, Or How Not To Do A Hurricane Evacuation

Not only did the early evacuation cost the local economy millions, the City of Savannah curfew -- which began days before Dorian's first breeze was felt -- added another layer of financial distress.

Editor's Note: Arena project’s trickle-down cost

Mayor DeLoach's stance -- that Savannah is simply too financially and politically committed to the Arena project to back out now, no matter the cost -- might be realistic, but it's not very reassuring.

Editor's Note: The stage is set ⁠— an election breakdown

You have to wonder if the fact that there is no competitive race in Mayor DeLoach's home district will depress interest and turnout where he needs it most, and paradoxically keep him from a second term.

Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

While acknowledging that City governments can do little to enact meaningful gun law reform, the consensus was that it would so some good to send the resolution to some people who can, such as our two Senators and our House delegation.

Editor's Note: Time to expand our to-go cup area - a modest proposal

As downtown becomes mostly a playground for tourists, it makes perfect sense that the legal area for to-go cups should be enlarged for the enjoyment of those who actually live and work and pay taxes here.

Editor's Note: SAV, ATL, and the ‘Superstar City’

The insidious effect of the red-hot metro Atlanta economy contributes to inflation within Georgia, to an extent that cities like Savannah can't easily absorb it given our depressed wages and slower job growth picture.

Editor's Note: Smoke and mirrors of another election year

The truth is that this election year "tax cut" will actually result in a higher tax rate than the City had just a year ago!

Editor's Note: City budget picture acknowledged as 'not sustainable'

Despite record-high tourism, record-high port activity, and a frenzy of development in some areas, City Council was warned in a workshop last week that "The revenue base is not growing as fast as the expenditure base."

Editor's Note: People, just bring your ID with you to drink!

The City of Savannah, as well as the state of Georgia, are increasing their crackdowns on underage drinkers in local bars. They conduct regular sting operations wherein undercover agents come in with expired or otherwise faulty IDs. If the bar serves them without checking or by not catching a bad ID, the whole business can take a hit.

Editor's Note: Conflict over conflicts of interest

While Brian Foster is declining to run for reelection to City Council, it does raise a red flag that he would be appointed to the powerful Downtown Savannah Authority while still holding a seat on Council.

Editor's Note: Saving the Mercer Theatre? A sound engineer speaks

Many observers are arguing that the Johnny Mercer Theatre must be saved, and that demolishing it would eliminate an important venue with no clear substitute waiting in the wings—so to speak


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