Editor's Note: Of leadership and love

Editor's Note: Of leadership and love

Savannah has had many civil rights rallies before. And as far as downtown crowds go, every year -- other than 2020, that is -- sees a St. Patrick’s crowd that is much larger. But this gathering was different

Editor's Note: Taking the masks off

When people accuse those who wear masks of 'living in fear,' I think this could be a form of projection -- it's really they who are frightened. I assure you, when I pop a mask onto my face to go grocery shopping for 20 minutes, I don't feel scared in the least.

Editor's Note: Hot time for some, cold shoulder for many others

Much of the increasingly rancorous debate over whether or not to 'reopen' the economy is effectively moot, for better or worse.It's happening way too soon for some, much too late in the opinion of others, but either way it's happening. The inequities are glaringly obvious.

Editor's Note: When shame is society's friend

SHAME has great power, whether positive or negative. We can shame people and organizations on illegitimate grounds, to exert power or prejudice.

Editor's Note: Did we learn anything at all?

The endless mixed messages from Gov. Kemp -- first proclaiming the importance of public health, then signing orders directly undermining it -- set the tone.

Editor's Note: The Savannah Arena in an age of pandemic

A 9000-seat arena is great --until literally the entire live sports, entertainment, and events industry faces an existential reckoning, possibly years into the future.

Editor's Note: When public health becomes a culture war

For a brief, shining moment amid the fear, there seemed to be a sense of community that we haven't felt in this country for a long, long time. We were "all in this together." Until we weren't.

Editor's Note: When relief brings little relief

For unemployed Georgians trying to navigate the state's overburdened unemployment insurance system, it's been like a chapter out of a Kafka novel.

Editor's Note: A governor who cannot govern

Even the most rock-ribbed conservatives all over the Savannah area were calling the Republican governor a 'moron,' an 'idiot,' and things we can't print here.

Editor's Note: Passing and failing the tests of leadership

Tybee's rogue St. Patrick's parade -- done in open defiance of the cancelation order -- is certain to be mentioned the next time Orange Crush comes to Tybee, when locals try once again to shut down that celebration.

Editor's Note: Distant socializing

We must resist the attempt to be literally 'socially distant,' and socialize distantly instead -- and be able to understand the difference.


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