Editor's Note: Forget Facebook! Focus locally.

There is a feeling of empowerment that comes from being more engaged in your local community, as opposed to the general sense of hopelessness and powerlessness that comes from obsessively focusing on the goings-on in Washingon and various far-flung places.

Editor's Note: Dissecting democracy in the election's aftermath

So who is at fault? It's complicated and bears a closer look. The issue of very long lines isn't quite the same issue as which ballots are accepted or rejected.

Editor's Note: Time for a post-recession mindset here?

DUE to our print deadline, I write this column the day before the most momentous midterm election of modern times. I have no idea how that’s going to turn out.

Editor's Note: Health care - the tragedy and the promise

Niema Ross was not only one of Savannah's most widely beloved and universally admired community members, her passing is also tragically emblematic of our nation's long-running inability to adequately provide healthcare in a fair, equitable, and just manner.

Editor's Note: Polls, schmolls, wave, schmave. Real talk on the state of the race

In my mind the most serious indicators of political change have more to do with what we know for a fact to be true, that we can already see in front of us.

Editor's Note: How To Do Business in Savannah 101

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But not one Council member broke in to question why Somesso's political contributions were relevant to her alcohol license.

Editor's Note: Time for a full school audit

The borrowing of the $21 million just to make payroll is through an instrument called a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN). A TAN is not unusual in the world of bureaucratic funding. But while a TAN is often routine, this particular TAN was anything but.

Editor's Note: What's important to you?

The City's survey on what to do with the Civic Center is in some ways an example of their mode of cart-before-the-horse thinking. The issue of the Civic Center's future should have been settled long before the plans for the new Arena were this far along.

Editor's Note: Oops! Arena may not have been approved by voters twice

A look at the actual ballot language from 2006 and 2013 contains a few interesting things folks may have forgotten about.

Editor's Note: When ‘drunk donkeys’ attack

Oddly enough, if you want to piss people off, tell them a hurricane is probably not going to hit them.

Editor's Note: Notes from the Stormwatch

I constantly have to remind myself these days that there is a huge influx of new arrivals to the Savannah area. Many of them don't really find out until they get here that we have things like cockroaches, mosquitoes, gnats, ungodly humidity -- and hurricanes.


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