Editor's Note: A governor who cannot govern

Editor's Note: A governor who cannot govern

Even the most rock-ribbed conservatives all over the Savannah area were calling the Republican governor a 'moron,' an 'idiot,' and things we can't print here.

Editor's Note: Passing and failing the tests of leadership

Tybee's rogue St. Patrick's parade -- done in open defiance of the cancelation order -- is certain to be mentioned the next time Orange Crush comes to Tybee, when locals try once again to shut down that celebration.

Editor's Note: Distant socializing

We must resist the attempt to be literally 'socially distant,' and socialize distantly instead -- and be able to understand the difference.

Editor's Note: The new normal for a newspaper

What should Connect Savannah's mission be during this pause in events? We are turning enthusiastically to the idea of building and encouraging grassroots solidarity with local people, businesses, artists, and entertainers during this trying time.

Editor's Note: A very unpredictable St. Patrick’s Day

As I write this, all systems are go for Savannah's annual, world-famous St. Patrick's Day celebrations. By the time you read this, of course, it's possible that some or all of that will have changed.

Editor's Note: After the fire, lessons learned

Together, Eastern Wharf and Plant Riverside represent a massive investment and expenditure, and will increase the number of warm bodies on each side of the Historic District, as well as further stress the City's infrastructure.

Editor's Note: A guide to local pronunciation, redux

I’M constantly struck by how many people have moved to Savannah over the past decade or less, from other parts of the country. Unfortunately, a phenomenon that I see more and more is that the new folks tend to ask other new folks first about the lay of the land, which just compounds mistakes and misunderstandings.

Editor's Note: Is the honeymoon over already?

There are clearly feelings of betrayal on the part of some Council members. They will eventually fade away -- but they'll also leave a mark.

Editor's Note: Making City Council meetings more accessible

Beginning with the Feb. 27 meeting, the second City Council meeting of each month will begin at 6:30 p.m., to give citizens a more convenient time to attend.

Editor's Note: Health care hypocrisy

Nobody really likes the current system other than the insurance industry itself, which takes your money and still reserves the right to deny coverage, no matter how long you've paid for the benefit. That's the "freedom" we're told we can't give up!

Editor's Note: The growing locals vs. tourist divide

You don't have to pick one or the other, but increasingly it seems like Starland's gain is downtown's loss, and that is the shame of it.


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