Editor's Note: Hasty Arena decisions could haunt for years

Editor's Note: Hasty Arena decisions could haunt for years

City Manager Rob Hernandez -- starting a new job back in Florida in a few months-- gave Council an offer they couldn't refuse on his way out the door.

Editor's Note: SPLOST is coming

For the first time I can remember, there are political observers who think this round of SPLOST actually stands a chance of being defeated by the voters. It’s impossible to describe the shock wave this would send.

Editor's Note: Another week, another Arena controversy

The continued infighting over the largest single public works project in Savannah history comes in an election year, with the City Manager leaving town in two months, the Arena Development Manager abruptly departing recently, and with no permanent City Attorney on hand.

Editor's Note: The truth about local media!

Since we're in the truth-telling business, I think it's time that someone finally stand up and tell the truth that Savannah really is remarkably well-served by all of its local media, especially considering the extraordinarily small size of the market.

Editor's Note: Requiem for a City Manager

The simple truth is that any successful City Manager must also build public trust, just as an elected official would. Possibly even more so, since they're really the one at the helm of the ship, that does the hiring and firing in the trenches.

Editor's Note: Pulaski makes news, 240 years later

It's exciting to see a new chapter of Savannah history being written about one of our most admired local heroes, and perhaps talked about by our local tour guides.... And in this case it might even be true!

Editor's Note: Learning from Charleston’s successes – and mistakes

Every major tourism-oriented challenge that Savannah has faced, from trying to regulate Short Term Vacation Rentals to trying to control the proliferation of new hotels, Charleston has had to deal with first.

Editor's Note: Pooler, West Chatham, and the new paradigm

The much-touted chain stores on Broughton Street ushered in by Ben Carter often continue to struggle for sales. However, Carter's other local project, the Tanger Outlet Mall in Pooler, has basically the same stores but often with many more customers.

Editor's Note: Report Card from the Shenanigans

The City was on the right track with trying to enforce some basic rules at Chippewa Square. But when the crowd coordinates on social media to move, as seems to have been the case, the City and police are reduced to just playing whack-a-mole.

Editor's Note: Arena video unwittingly highlights issues

Turns out there is a small handful of African American CGI characters in the concept video. One of them is standing by himself in the lobby at the top of some stairs, looking off into the distance. He is wearing a basketball uniform... and holding a basketball.

Editor's Note: The 20 percent solution

Almost completely left out of the discussion was the fact that the only reason this came up at all was because of enormous citizen opposition to demolishing the Seaboard entirely, including a petition that had nearly 4,000 signatures.


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