Editor's Note: Will Savannah double down on a casino?

Editor's Note: Will Savannah double down on a casino?

Lest you think there's no chance such a referendum could pass, consider that there will inevitably be an enormous amount of money put into political advertising for it, and into pressuring local officials to support it.

Editor's Note: An inaugural address to remember

I don't believe there has ever been a mayoral address in Savannah where lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and queer people were given specific, careful shout-outs, rather than generic pandering, if even that.

Editor's Note: Dying malls = affordable housing?

In Savannah right now, there is at least as much of a demand for affordable housing as there is for upscale condos and/or Airbnbs. Many would argue, a much higher demand. The trick is to make this demand able to be met in the real world, in a market economy.

Editor's Note: A few new year’s wishes for 2020

If Savannah is as desirable as we're always told, developers will still make a boatload of money here even if they're forced to scale back some projects.

Editor's Note: Hotel influx has only just begun

In addition to Kevin Barry's closing, another iconic Savannah watering hole, Abe's on Lincoln, faces a proposal to literally move the entire historic building it's in to make room for another hotel.

Editor's Note: Wave goodbye to the Waving Girl?

In a state where it's almost impossible to get a Confederate monument moved, apparently all it takes to get a non-Confederate monument moved is some campaign contributions and a couple of letters from politically-connected lobbyists.

Editor's Note: Savannah’s ‘OK Boomer’ election

To me, this is another major development of this election, every bit on par with politics and race and gender: The face of Savannah politics is now much, much younger than in years past.

Editor's Note: Putting the thanks in Thanksgiving

There are lots of problems in Savannah: poverty, crime, low wages, poor educational system, etc. These are problems experienced in many other places. But the great things about Savannah are our things, and what sets us apart.

Editor's Note: The Tony Thomas Conundrum

One of the most frequently asked questions in Savannah is, 'How does this guy keep getting re-elected?'

Editor's Note: Change hits the coast — Special Election Edition

The DeLoach majority slate — whose shared ideology seemed to revolve around money and supporting deep pockets, with a whiff of condescension, is gone, replaced by mostly younger non-politicians whose main experience has been in community activism and the nonprofit world.

Editor's Note: Pride Parade is an instant classic

Crowds spilled out from the bars to urge us on. It was closer to what I imagine an old-time St. Patrick's Day parade must have been like back in the day, before it became corporate and mass-marketed.


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