Editor's Note: A developer’s vision – and a building controversy

Editor's Note: A developer’s vision – and a building controversy

There is already a heated controversy building around one particular segment of Plant Riverside, the African-themed Baobab Lounge.

Editor's Note: Signs of optimism amid the chaos?

At the time, most of us thought the Eastern Wharf fire was probably the weirdest thing we'd see all year.

Editor's Note: John Lewis: A life of service and leadership

This giant of a leader was one of the last true men of the people in American politics, and his constituents' memories all reflected this, almost without exception -- including the Republicans.

Editor's Note: Bringing out Savannah’s Superstar

As part of an exodus driven by pandemic-related economic change, people might seek smaller, simpler locales which are easier to navigate and more affordable overall.

Editor's Note: Social contracts, broken

To my mind the most fundamental and wide-ranging breaking of the social contract was when governments required the economy to shut down -- a logical move -- but refused to honor their end of the sacrifice by providing adequate financial relief.

Editor's Note: The power of place, and memory

The impact of the loss of community spaces like The Jinx -- a business, a bar, a community gathering place, and a performance space rolled into one-- is impossible to measure or chart.

Editor's Note: The virus is spiking. Now what?

The 'new normal' looks a lot like this: A stutterstep reopening, with places briefly opening back up for awhile and then abruptly closing again, combined with long lines at free testing centers and frantic attempts to do your own junior contact-tracing.

Editor's Note: Land grab threatens beloved sites

HB 906, which already passed the Georgia House, will open up over 330,000 acres of Heritage Preserve-protected land — in over 120 sites — for potential sale and development.

Editor's Note: A time for action, a time for listening

Now is a better time than any to redouble efforts to give others a voice and a platform on these crucially important and riveting global movements, for racial justice in general and police reform in particular

Editor's Note: Of leadership and love

Savannah has had many civil rights rallies before. And as far as downtown crowds go, every year -- other than 2020, that is -- sees a St. Patrick’s crowd that is much larger. But this gathering was different

Editor's Note: Taking the masks off

When people accuse those who wear masks of 'living in fear,' I think this could be a form of projection -- it's really they who are frightened. I assure you, when I pop a mask onto my face to go grocery shopping for 20 minutes, I don't feel scared in the least.


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