Editor's Note: After the utility bill fiasco, now what?

Overarching this entire discussion is one of Savannah’s recurring themes: We are overly reliant on outside consultants to find problems and make the recommendations to move forward that we are already paying a City Manager and City staff to determine and execute.

Editor's Note: It’s not Jolene Byrne who needs to go

On this issue, always keep this in mind: The rest of your elected School Board is essentially working to keep local students from being able to attend college. Their vendetta against the Board President has reached such a fever pitch that they hold every child in the district hostage to it.

‘Thoughts and Prayers’

It is very clear to me that the majority of elected and public officials who say 'Thoughts and Prayers' are neither deep thinkers nor praying people.

Editor's Note: Game-changer on anthem protests?

The main thing that really jumps out for me, across the spectrum of opinion, is how few people on either side of the debate this past weekend even mentioned the original purpose of kneeling for the anthem.

Editor's Note: Hurricane Irma Report Card

Many people this year second-guessed the decision to evacuate Savannah, given the storm's eventual path. (These were often the same people who criticized CEMA for moving too slowly last year.) But given the massive flooding on Tybee, it turns out that CEMA's decision to continue with the Zone A mandatory evacuation was exactly the correct and responsible call.

Editor's Note: Hurricane Irma Edition

What is “premature,” however, is making spur-of-the-moment, uninformed criticism of the decision to evacuate. The truth is that preparing for a natural disaster of this magnitude is like preparing for D-Day.

Editor's Note: Hurricanes and politics don't mix

The fact that a once-in-a-hundred lifetimes natural disaster is, for millions of people, just another reason to fight on social media is almost as depressing as the result of the storm itself.

Editor's Note: Statues and statistics

In most polls, including a few from what you might call left-leaning organizations such as NPR, the percentage of total respondents who support fully removing Confederate monuments only runs about 27-33 percent.

Editor's Note: Monumental problems

No good deed goes unpunished, and City Council's wisdom is likely to enrage partisans on both ends of the spectrum.

Editor's Note: The sale of the local daily paper is... complicated

Long story short, the local daily paper — which had been family-owned and Georgia-based under one banner or another since 1850 — will be an asset owned by a company based far away from Savannah itself.

Editor's Note: Devil of density is in the details

As it takes shape, we now have a bit of an inkling of Savannah’s new strategic plan: Virtually the identical plan that any politically well-connected, large-scale developer here would have. What a coincidence.


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