Editor's Note: When ‘drunk donkeys’ attack

Oddly enough, if you want to piss people off, tell them a hurricane is probably not going to hit them.

Editor's Note: Notes from the Stormwatch

I constantly have to remind myself these days that there is a huge influx of new arrivals to the Savannah area. Many of them don't really find out until they get here that we have things like cockroaches, mosquitoes, gnats, ungodly humidity -- and hurricanes.

Editor's Note: Selling out a Historic Landmark District

The City of Savannah is continuing to sell off key historic assets in the name of development — even as our symbolically and economically crucial National Historic Landmark District status is threatened.

Editor's Note: The Stage on Bay's cautionary tale

But in the end, The Stage on Bay's main problem was probably the same issue that critics of the Arena point out: Its location off the beaten path.

Editor's Note: Arena project bogging down before it starts?

'If you amend the policy and decide on a new policy, then that means we will mostly likely have to reject all the bids and go back out, and you're looking at another six-month delay on the Arena,' Hernandez explained, adding that 'it taints the contract award process if we change it midstream.'

Editor's Note: Beware the Bird

Like any of the new 'disruptive' sharing economy technologies such as Uber, Airbnb, etc., it all sounds great on paper. In this case, disruptive might be the key word. The people who love to use Birds really love them. And the people who hate Birds really hate them.

Editor's Note: Film industry at stake with Abrams vs. Kemp?

Stacey Abrams appears ready to break that mold. Not only because she’s notably not a member of an established political family, but because among other positive qualities, she likes campaigning, and she’s really good at it.

Editor's Note: Politicians vs. Teachers is an easy choice

The response to Alderman Van Johnson's post was immediate and angry, with screenshots being shared hundreds of times. The gist of most of the reactions was an insinuation that it is Johnson himself who has a poor understanding of the reality of the life of a schoolteacher.

Editor's Note: A viral video with real value

A WORLD that has had enough of aggressive, entitled, psychopathic, misogynistic men has a new hero. When 21-year-old Emelia Holden had herself finally had enough — performing a top-tier takedown of a groper much larger than her — she had no idea that the confrontation, caught by surveillance camera, would be one of the most viral videos of the year.

Editor's Note: Arena Dilemma

A more political, and therefore more subjective, question about the Westside Arena is the impact on nearby residents who have been promised that they will enjoy great economic development from it.

Editor's Note: Time for a mid-year review!

A look at the pros and cons at the midpoint of 2018.


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