Editor's Note: Making City Council meetings more accessible

Beginning with the Feb. 27 meeting, the second City Council meeting of each month will begin at 6:30 p.m., to give citizens a more convenient time to attend.

Editor's Note: Health care hypocrisy

Nobody really likes the current system other than the insurance industry itself, which takes your money and still reserves the right to deny coverage, no matter how long you've paid for the benefit. That's the "freedom" we're told we can't give up!

Editor's Note: The growing locals vs. tourist divide

You don't have to pick one or the other, but increasingly it seems like Starland's gain is downtown's loss, and that is the shame of it.

Editor's Note: Lobbying in limelight as Savannah’s legislative agenda moves forward

Many people wondered, "Why does the City need to pay lobbyists in Atlanta to lobby the legislature? Isn't that what we elect our state senators and state representatives to do?" The simple truth is that our state legislators often have very different agendas from local officials.

Editor's Note: Will Savannah double down on a casino?

Lest you think there's no chance such a referendum could pass, consider that there will inevitably be an enormous amount of money put into political advertising for it, and into pressuring local officials to support it.

Editor's Note: An inaugural address to remember

I don't believe there has ever been a mayoral address in Savannah where lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and queer people were given specific, careful shout-outs, rather than generic pandering, if even that.

Editor's Note: Dying malls = affordable housing?

In Savannah right now, there is at least as much of a demand for affordable housing as there is for upscale condos and/or Airbnbs. Many would argue, a much higher demand. The trick is to make this demand able to be met in the real world, in a market economy.

Editor's Note: A few new year’s wishes for 2020

If Savannah is as desirable as we're always told, developers will still make a boatload of money here even if they're forced to scale back some projects.

Editor's Note: Hotel influx has only just begun

In addition to Kevin Barry's closing, another iconic Savannah watering hole, Abe's on Lincoln, faces a proposal to literally move the entire historic building it's in to make room for another hotel.

Editor's Note: Wave goodbye to the Waving Girl?

In a state where it's almost impossible to get a Confederate monument moved, apparently all it takes to get a non-Confederate monument moved is some campaign contributions and a couple of letters from politically-connected lobbyists.

Editor's Note: Savannah’s ‘OK Boomer’ election

To me, this is another major development of this election, every bit on par with politics and race and gender: The face of Savannah politics is now much, much younger than in years past.


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