Editor's Note: The Tony Thomas Conundrum

One of the most frequently asked questions in Savannah is, 'How does this guy keep getting re-elected?'

Editor's Note: Change hits the coast — Special Election Edition

The DeLoach majority slate — whose shared ideology seemed to revolve around money and supporting deep pockets, with a whiff of condescension, is gone, replaced by mostly younger non-politicians whose main experience has been in community activism and the nonprofit world.

Editor's Note: Pride Parade is an instant classic

Crowds spilled out from the bars to urge us on. It was closer to what I imagine an old-time St. Patrick's Day parade must have been like back in the day, before it became corporate and mass-marketed.

Editor's Note: Election Savannah — the dollars tell the story?

Since taking office after the 2015 election, Mayor Eddie DeLoach has garnered nearly a quarter million dollars in contributions.

Editor's Note: SPLOST and the pork barrel

If infrastructure improvements are so long overdue, why did it take the green light for new private development in West Savannah for drainage there to finally be considered important enough to fund?

Editor's Note: Does anyone really want to be mayor?

This time four years ago, we were in the middle of an extraordinarily contentious Savannah City election, bitterly fought from the Mayor's office on down to all the Council seats. Four years later, other than in a couple of down-ballot alderman races, there seems to be significantly less interest in this City of Savannah election.

Editor's Note: Keeping Savannah’s archaeology from biting the dust

"We're just laying the facts on the table," Rita Elliott says. "For so long, a series of myths have fueled a lack of interest in an ordinance. The myths aren't true at all, but policy leaders buy into them."

Editor's Note: Making Civics sexy again!

This is our attempt to get back to the basics of local government, and drill down to the most fundamental details of the upcoming municipal elections this fall.

Editor's Note: Can we all truly profit from the port?

In a few years the Port of Savannah is set to double in traffic. And when you double container traffic into the port, you also double transportation traffic out of the port.

Editor's Note: Observations from the Detroit renaissance

For many, the word 'Detroit' is a catch-all, almost generic pejorative referring to economic and educational decay and depression. But just about anyone who has actually visited Detroit lately knows that the city has made leaps and bounds over the last decade.

Editor's Note: Dorian’s Dilemma, Or How Not To Do A Hurricane Evacuation

Not only did the early evacuation cost the local economy millions, the City of Savannah curfew -- which began days before Dorian's first breeze was felt -- added another layer of financial distress.


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