Editor's Note: Kissing to be clever

Editor's Note: Kissing to be clever

Oddly, the soldier-kissing controversy might actually be tied into the Mike Pence visit, as there is a chance he will march with the soldiers -- in which case no one will be allowed to run up to them, or him, for any reason whatsoever.

Editor's Note: Time to reboot Savannah's problematic gun programs

The director of the local End Gun Violence initiative was arrested on a DUI charge. He was also arrested on a domestic violence charge less than a year before he was hired. These two events alone might be enough to disqualify one from receiving a taxpayer-funded salary and benefits package of nearly $100,000 and heading an organization with so important a mission.

Editor's Note: The City’s malware malaise

But as the days go by and more City business is impacted, it has seemed long past time for the City to not only continue taking serious steps in fixing the malware infection, but to fully inform and reassure a largely clueless public.

Editor's Note: A bridge (name) too far?

Just about the only mention of Savannah native John C. Frémont in his hometown is a Georgia Historical Society marker in Yamacraw Village near where he was born in 1813. But otherwise, virtually nothing in Savannah about this native son who was a pivotal figure in American history. Why?

Editor's Note: Gaslighting us about St. Patrick’s Day

The City Manager and Council are trying to gaslight you into believing there's not enough revenue to be made at the second largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the country, an event somewhat akin to having a license to print money.

Editor's Note: Byrne bows out. What’s next?

Jolene Byrne's announcement not to seek a second term as School Board President wasn't a complete surprise given the many controversies during her tenure. But it does say a lot of things about the state of our community and our education system -- few of them positive.

Editor's Note: Is the Port our most sacred of cows?

Which is more fair? A pittance of a fee on the massive Port of Savannah, fastest-growing in North America? Or a regressive tax like the Fire Fee, which impacts the disadvantaged more than anyone else?

Editor's Note: Mayor DeLoach, bleeding heart?

One is tempted to say this is just a politician giving lip service. But Mayor DeLoach actually has a track record of sounding similar notes of what might otherwise be called bleeding-heart liberalism.

Editor's Note: The superintendent’s space

Chatham County has set the precedent of the 'Imperial Superintendency' for many years, with several past superintendents, long before Dr. Levett's tenure.

Editor's Note: Putting the shopping cart before the horse

The abandoned shopping carts represent two things: The property of retail stores, and the efforts of disadvantaged people without dependable transportation to get groceries back home.

Editor's Note: Fire Fee = Tax cut for the wealthy?

Because the City bundled the Fire Fee with a one-mill rollback of property tax—equal to roughly eight percent — some affluent homeowners will actually get a tax cut out of the whole deal. While, you guessed it, those closer to the bottom will carry even more of the burden.


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