The latest news—good and bad—affecting Georgia’s environment

State and federal administrations continue to favor polluters as the effects of climate change endanger quality of life for all.

From the microscope to the open ocean at Skidaway Marine Science Day

Hands-on aquatic activities for all ages on Oct. 14
The relatively tiny corner of ocean off of Savannah’s coast has enough mysteries to keep the biologists, chemists and geologists of the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography busy for years.

Aquaponics at Armstrong

Students research the future of sustainable farming
The plants suck up all the nitrates and other nutrients from the fish waste and clean the water, and electric pumps circulate the fresh water back to the tanks. This closed loop uses an estimated five percent of the water of traditional agriculture and can yield bigger specimens of fresh vegetables in less time.

DIRTT: Building with ‘the human element’

Doing sustainable manufacturing right
THE MASSIVE white warehouse doesn’t look too different from the other buildings in the industrial park near the airport, but what’s happening inside DIRTT Environmental Solutions sets it far apart from its neighbors.

Environmental Protection + Responsible Stewardship = Strong Economy

20 years of connecting the dots with the Center for A Sustainable Coast
Neglecting nature threatens American prosperity, Kyler has reasoned thoughtfully, and the only path to a strong economic future is to protect the environment.


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