DIRTT: Building with ‘the human element’

Doing sustainable manufacturing right
THE MASSIVE white warehouse doesn’t look too different from the other buildings in the industrial park near the airport, but what’s happening inside DIRTT Environmental Solutions sets it far apart from its neighbors.

Environmental Protection + Responsible Stewardship = Strong Economy

20 years of connecting the dots with the Center for A Sustainable Coast
Neglecting nature threatens American prosperity, Kyler has reasoned thoughtfully, and the only path to a strong economic future is to protect the environment.

Collaborating for the coast

Georgia’s environmental groups join forces to ‘raise all boats’
"We have to work together if we want to succeed in protecting these resources."

Nuclear boondoggle

Westinghouse bankruptcy adds yet another setback to the already-problematic Plant Vogtle expansion
A PAIR of new nuclear reactors at Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle, about an hour north/northwest of us on the Savannah River, were supposed to be up and running two weeks ago and sending electricity to the regional grid.

Earth Day is as important as ever

Savannah celebrates and educates this corner of the planet on April 15
IT'S A tough time to care about planet Earth. As executive orders decimate climate change regulation and the Environmental Protection Agency loses its authority, it’s tempting to give up the fight for clean air, safe drinking water and protection of unspoiled land and endangered wildlife.

Keeping a green eye on the coast

Georgia’s shores threatened by development, coal ash pollution and more
WHILE THE rest of us are donning our emerald-colored duds this week, local environmentalists do their best to stay green around here all year long.


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