Tybee Marine Science Center realizes dream

Great care was taken by the architect to make the least impact on the natural dune system surrounding the area

Seeing Green (New Deal)

Center for a Sustainable Coast hosts open forum this Saturday
'Here’s the number that’s really the killer,' says Grainey. '70% report in the survey that they never talk about global warming'

Keep up the pressure to stop offshore drilling

'The tourism sector thrives because of our natural and largely undeveloped coast and barrier islands. People come here to explore truly vibrant natural landscapes'

Whale Week: Watching, and waiting

Whale Week kicks off Wed., Jan. 23 with a Family and Friends Night at Juliette Low Elementary School
EACH YEAR, the North Atlantic right whale comes to Georgia’s coast to calve their newborns. It’s a tradition that’s unique to our coastline, and it’s also at risk of being lost.

Counting Crows, and finches

Ogeechee Audubon Society holds Christmas Bird Count Jan. 5
[image-] SINCE 1900, the National Audubon Society has invited the public to participate in its Christmas Bird Count.

The joy of discovery at the UGA Aquarium

Facility on Skidaway Island hosts a behind-the-scenes tour this Saturday
'I really subscribe to the philosophy that we want to spark an interest in people, and sometimes it happens just by them being here'

Georgia Conservancy: Vote YES on Amendment One

When you buy a kayak or a soccer ball, you know that you pay a sales tax on that purchase. Amendment One will designate those taxes you have already paid to be used towards creating and protecting the lands and waterways where you use that kayak and soccer ball.

Don’t Drill GA event raises awareness of environmental threat off Georgia coast

'It affects us all, not just fisherman or people who are into the ocean. It affects every part of how our coast functions'


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