Triple 8

--fittingly for the 888th Jonesin' Crossword.


Why aren't internal organs symmetrical?

n creatures as in Chryslers, external bilateral symmetry just makes sense

The Straight Dope

Welcome to the Best of Savannah 2018

The biggest and best issue of them all
WE find ourselves once again at the culmination of our year with the annual, super-ginormous Best of Savannah Readers Poll special issue. See the quick links to the winners below.


Take the meth out of your pocket

Compelling Explanations A Tesla showroom in South Salt Lake, Utah, was the nexus of four different arrests on Nov. 24, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, in which at least two of the suspects claimed to be part of the Tesla “family.” (The car company is named after inventor Nikola Tesla, not a family owner.)

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