Reece Barbecue’s labor of love

The owner and self-taught meat smoking master, Maurice Green, took the first step to creating his empire 17 years ago in an attempt to give back

Starland Yard sets the tone for the district

The focus is local food and local art plus the accumulation of community to create a truly local Savannah experience

Fat Radish: Veggie perfection

While presenting food that nods to the South, the restaurant pays respect to the ingredients and where those ingredients came from

Squirrel’s set for Starland

Connect was lucky enough to get a preview of the exciting new menu, and we spoke with Chef Dickerson about it last week

Savannah Smokehouse: Authentic BBQ in the heart of downtown

What better way to wash down the smoky sweet food than a frosty glass of local brew?

Bootleg Farm: What’s good for the goat is great for the cheese

They have approximately fifty acres for their 140 goats to roam and graze, keeping things as natural as possible

Eden Supper Club: Dining in the garden of goodness

Creator of Eden Supper Club, Chef Jared Jackson, started the unique dinner experience with a purpose that goes beyond the food that he is creating and serving

Mashama Bailey: Interview with a James Beard winner

Executive Chef of The Grey speaks to Connect about her groundbreaking win
Chef Bailey, like many before her, began on a path riddled with encumbrances and naysayers

A Dairy fine time

Forsyth Farm Picnic at Roberds Dairy site continues to satisfy
The Farm Picnic is a yearly event that was created to support and raise money for the mission of the Forsyth Farmers’ Market

Snug in a pub

Prohibition Savannah’s snugs offer a nostalgic glimpse
A snug is a throwback to a different era when not everyone wanted to be seen enjoying a libation


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