Keeping it Current on the islands

Keeping it Current on the islands

Former Ele FINE Fusion space undergoes a transformation
The Ele and the Chef restaurant collection have been disseminating Asian fusion across Savannah for about ten years

'Schummthing' special on Tybee

Walk-up beach hut offers gourmet fried chicken, shrimp sandwiches and those amazing frozen bananas
In rebranding the space, the couple learned a valuable lesson: Keep it schimple

Edgar’s Proof & Provision: Proof of The DeSoto’s Vision

Th ambition is to provide true Southern hospitality with modernized sophistication

Kitchen 320 helps transform Savannah into a culinary destination

It may be downtown, but its off-the-beaten-path location brands Kitchen 320 as a best-kept secret among locals

A new generation of Gottlieb's

Storied bakery serves up tradition (and of course, those famous chocolate chewies!)
FOR OVER a century in Savannah, just the mention of the Gottlieb name would set folks to drooling.

Savannah Food: A delicious history, and a loving chronicle

I’m a sucker for cuisine books with a healthy dose of history. And the history in Savannah Food is compelling, but never overwhelming or tedious.

Rise Biscuits Donuts: Award-winning made-from-scratch biscuit sandwiches and house-made donuts are their specialties

Every morning at midnight, bakers make a batch of donuts. Mixing, kneading, proofing, frying and glazing, the donut making process takes about three hours
ON July 1, Savannah became Georgia’s first location for the Rise Biscuits Donuts franchise.

Auspicious Baking Company: Baked goods handcrafted from scratch

Bake House is open to the public on Sundays and quickly gaining community support
IT’S SUNDAY at 8 a.m.

Free Food Georgia: a wheat-free, sugar-free special order bakery

Each week, Jardine posts a menu link of her fresh products on the Free Food Georgia Facebook page. The menu is broken down into three categories-sweets, muffins/cakes and breads.

Sugo Rossa's red sauce Renaissance

Cotton & Rye restaurateurs open Italian Kitchen in former Atlanta Bread Company space
Their classic marinara, which exudes a subtly sweet, rich and zesty heartiness, is thoughtfully integrated throughout their well-composed menu

The art of the chef’s knife

A local culinary professional’s advice on what to buy and how to use it
OF ALL the equipment in the kitchen, the chef’s knife is the most personal and useful tool you’ll ever want for.


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