Mashama Bailey: Interview with a James Beard winner

Executive Chef of The Grey speaks to Connect about her groundbreaking win
Chef Bailey, like many before her, began on a path riddled with encumbrances and naysayers

Snug in a pub

Prohibition Savannah’s snugs offer a nostalgic glimpse
A snug is a throwback to a different era when not everyone wanted to be seen enjoying a libation

A Dairy fine time

Forsyth Farm Picnic at Roberds Dairy site continues to satisfy
The Farm Picnic is a yearly event that was created to support and raise money for the mission of the Forsyth Farmers’ Market

Raw Ingredients: Scintillating sushi on Tybee

Raw makes it much easier for seafood aficionados to rendezvous with fresh fish expertly rolled into creative sushi

Big Bon Bodega: The state of the Bagel art

Masters and the crew are pumping out bagel sandwiches that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the doughy circles of deliciousness

Drink, Learn and Create

True to character, Savannah offers an array of beverage-themed classes
In a few establishments, drinks — and some snacks — are available while patrons create lasting projects or learn new skills

Pins, Patches & Pints: A match made in Starland heaven

'People know exactly what you're about when you're wearing a certain pin. It's such a conversation starter.'

Gottlieb's: Now serving dinner and brunch

The two work together like peas and carrots -- Laurence the baker and Michael the cook. With their powers combined, the resulting food is well thought out and prepared exquisitely.

Sweet Whimsy: Art of the cake pop

The result is a bakery that focuses on ensuring each resulting product is a work of art

JThomas: Southern classics made with love

DURING MY four year college tenure, my course load required completion of a marketing class. One of the important principles of marketing is to never rely on word of mouth, instead opt for instituting a marketing plan.


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