Whippoorwill Farms: Giving back to the community

Whippoorwill Farms: Giving back to the community

Besides a location at the Forsyth Farmer's Market, you can order directly from Whippoorwill. Marissa Paykos personally delivers the orders for free. Just another way for her to give back to the community.

Fresh has no season: Farmer’s markets continue into the fall

Here’s where you can go in Savannah to find both indoor and outdoor options

Analog Pub: Low-stress success

Since opening shop as Analog Pub, the two have been saving towards their dream of opening a local restaurant

Moodright’s: Bowling & booze in Starland

A true neighborhood bar means a friendly face pouring drinks and reasonable prices to boot

Cotton & Rye and the Fat Radish take happy hour to the next level

I took the time last week (because I will truly do anything for our readers) to take each menu for a spin

Vittoria Napoletana: The star of Starland Yard

The menu features a few favorites from Chef Jacovino’s days at The Florence, and is the only local pizza spot that is hand tossing dough made with dough created with handmade yeast starter

A sweet find: Readee's Bees

Readee’s Bees’ farm sits next to a wildlife refuge in South Carolina, which is why it produces wildflower honey—a type that can be said to be his signature

Teas that heal and energize

Yaupon Tea House & Apothecary helps revive Native American tradition
Owners Lou Thomann and Lori Judge are true pioneers in the world of Savannah’s native yaupon holly

Reece Barbecue’s labor of love

The owner and self-taught meat smoking master, Maurice Green, took the first step to creating his empire 17 years ago in an attempt to give back

Starland Yard sets the tone for the district

The focus is local food and local art plus the accumulation of community to create a truly local Savannah experience


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