Get off poor Dubya's back, people

You gotta admire W. You really do. That’s one fine specimen of manhood.

Did you see him down in Mississippi after the storm, rolling up his sleeves and pitchin’ right in to help the folks? That was inspiring.

Just the sort of sturdy, reassuring fellow we need up there in the White House. Gets to work. Cuts through all the red tape. Doesn’t sweat the details.

Like, for example, all those firefighters standing beside him in the picture. Turns out, some liberal reporter pointed out, those guys were flown in just for the occasion so our W. could look presidential.

Which -- duh -- is precisely what the country needs in a time of disaster. Jeez.

Gotta wonder, though, about those hundreds of highly-trained firefighters they had sitting around in an Atlanta hotel for days while folks were getting wiped out on the Gulf Coast.

Even if most of the dead were on welfare, that kind of seems a shame. Shows you how things get mucked up when government bureaucracy gets involved. Makes you speculate what sort of fool’s in charge.

Our man W., though, you have to like him. He sees something that needs doing; he goes out and does it. Doesn’t sit around all day wasting time thinking about it. He just acts.

And man, he’s generous. That Mike Brown, at FEMA, shoot, no one else would have even given that boy a chance.

But W. said, buddy, I don’t care if you’re utterly unqualified and all you’ve ever done is screw up some fancy-schmantzy horse show thing. That’s what America’s all about, giving a fellow a second chance.

Then, Lord, the press gets all over Mike when he says he doesn’t know about nobody dying down at that convention center. Like he had nothin’ to do but sit around all day and watch CNN. Now he’s got plenty of time, thanks to them sniping liberals.

Burns me up, too, about that pretty boy Harry Connick, Jr. Plays fruity music. Then traipses right on down there to the convention center and talks to them folks. Half of them looters, probably.

Like he’s something special. Like anybody could just roll in there like him and hand out food and water.

People, especially “those people,” are so impatient these days. Sitting around waiting for the government to do everything for them.

Shoot, you’d think they’d be grateful. It’s like W.’s Mama said, things actually worked out pretty well for them. Nice cot in the Astrodome, three square meals a day. Plenty better than sittin’ at home with your friendly local crack dealer down on the corner.

Why the hell didn’t they get out of town anyway? Sure seems like any moron could anticipate what would happen when a major-league blow like Katrina came roaring in.

All you gotta do is go down to the ATM, take out a few hundred, and get out. What’s so hard about that?

Kills me, too, how the liberal press is blaming W. for everything. Like anybody could predict a big storm like Katrina coming in and wiping out everything.

As soon as the hurricane hit -- well, pretty soon after -- W.’s boys were right there on the TV, talking about how they had help on the way.

Shoot, I must have seen a dozen press conferences where they promised help. Real soon.

And I’ll be damned if those people down there didn’t do nothing but whine. Makes you sick.

Problem is, no one’s willing to take responsibility these days. First thing they do is point fingers, blame everyone else. Any fool can see, anyway, that it’s all the local and state governments’ fault.

Not to mention the press. The Weather Service. And Mother Nature.

Thank goodness, though, America’s got someone like W. in charge. Not one to play the blame game.

Get one of them pantywaist Democrats in the White House and we’d be hopelessly in debt, painfully divided, and about as popular around the world as malaria.

It’d be awful.

That W., though, you gotta admire how he plunges into things without thinking. That’s the problem with the world today: too much planning, contemplating, considering and re-considering everything.

So long as W.’s in the White House, we don’t have nothing to worry about that on that score.

And I for one, as a real American, am deeply grateful.


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